Follow Live Action of UTS2 Men’s Semi-Finals

Follow live action from UTS2 Day 4 men's semi-finals, as Alexander Zverev, Corentin Moutet, Richard Gasquet and Felix Auger-Aliassime battle for a spot in the final.


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60" Rafraichir
The Virtuoso Richard Gasquet The Virtuoso Richard Gasquet 1 19 12 12 7 -
The Panther Felix Auger-Aliassime The Panther Felix Auger-Aliassime 3 15 17 20 22 -
  • 19h10
    AUGER-ALIASSME DEFEATS GASQUET 15-19 17-12 20-12 23-7

    And tonight's men's singles final is set

    The Panther v The Lion!
  • 19h09
    QUARTER 4: Auger-Aliassime leads 19-6

    It's safe now to say that the final is set. It will be Felix Auger-Aliassime and Alexander Zverev.

    It's now 19-6 with over a minute left...

  • 19h05
    QUARTER 4: Auger-Aliassime leads 10-3

    At the half-way mark of the fourth quarter the Canadian is starting to pull away. Is there room for one last push from the Frenchman?
  • 19h04
    HIGHLIGHTS: It's all Felix now

  • 18h58
    QUARTER 3: Auger-Aliassime takes it 20-12

    FAA hit a three-point ace at 13-10 with 2:00 left to stretch the lead to six...

    He was up 17-10 with 1:30 left and cruised from there.

    Credit Gasquet for not giving up the fight, but what can he have left in quarter four?
  • 18h56
    QUARTER 3: Auger-Aliassime leads 12-8

    It has not been easy but FAA is pulling away after using his "Next point x2" card to collect four straight points.
  • 18h53
    QUARTER 3: Gasquet leads 7-6

    Gasquet is clearly limited in terms of mobility, but the Virtuoso is still hanging in. He uses the "Next point x 2" card to build a small lead with 5:00 left.

  • 18h45

    Gasquet was in the running, but his knee is clearly bothering him at the moment. The Frenchman could hardly move in the second quarter...
  • 18h43
    QUARTER 2: Tied 12-12

    Gasquet drew even at 9-9 and Gasquet then chooses "Next Point X2" card...

    And with 2:30 left the Virtuoso hammers a second serve ace to lead 11-10.

    Now it's FAA's turn to use the "Next Point X2" card...

    He aces on his second and we are level with 1:30 left...
  • 18h39

  • 18h38
    QUARTER 2: Auger-Aliassime leads 8-6

    A solid start to the second quarter for the Canadian but Gasquet is hanging right in there at the 5:00 mark.

    No cards have been used just yet. But Gasquet has just elected to steal serve.

  • 18h27

    Just as we expected. Gasquet was strong from the start as he always seems to be.
  • 18h25
    QUARTER 1: Gasquet leads 8-6

    So far so good for both players. Lots of short points and nobody with a big advantage.
  • 18h22
    Today's second semi-final is underway.

    The Panther Felix Auger-Aliassime v The Virtuoso Richard Gasquet.

    Word is out that Gasquet is struggling with an undisclosed knee issue so we'll have to just wait and see how he plays...
  • 18h17
    The Lion prevails...

    It's Alexander Zverev into the #UTS2 final to face either Felix Auger-Aliassime or Richard Gasquet.

  • 18h09
    QUARTER 4: ZVEREV WINS 17-12 10-12 17-12 13-12
  • 18h03
    QUARTER 4: Zverev leads 11-9

    Moutet had two points on serve at 9-9 but lost them both. The first was nearly the shot of the century but the Frenchman missed a tweener lob long. The second was a Moutet error, which frustrated him. About a minute left on the clock...

  • 17h55
    QUARTER 4: Zverev leads 7-5

    Moutet forced Zverev to serve-and-volley on the last two points and the Frenchman wins them both to make it closer.

    4:26 left in the fourth quarter and Zverev has taking a coaching timeout.
  • 17h52

    The Lion pulls away at the finish after Moutet had made it a close quarter. It's Zverev in the lead two quarters to one.
  • 17h45
    QUARTER 3: Zverev Leads 12-9

    It could have been closer but a tough call on a return goes to Zverev for two points. It should be noted that Zverev led 9-1 in the quarter moments ago.

    Still 3:00 on the clock.
  • 17h41
    QUARTER 3: Zverev leads 7-1

    Quickly it's the German who takes charge and comes out of a coaching timeout with a four-point lead and takes two more points. Just under 7 minutes left.

  • 17h36

    Zverev nets and easy volley to give Moutet a 10-8 lead with 1:15 left...

    Zverev served at 10-10 with :25 left and Moutet drew the error to take the 11-10 lead.

    He then used his "Next Point X2" card and won the final point to take the quarter 13-10

  • 17h31
    QUARTER 2: Moutet leads 9-8

    Down 6-4 Zverev chooses the "Next Point X2" card...

    He double-faults (a bit of a theme) but wins the next point to close to 6-7...

    Moutet splits the next two points for an 8-7 lead then uses "steal serve."

    He splits those two points as well (after a nice argument with the chair about a time voilation warning by Moutet).

    2:00 left
  • 17h26
    QUARTER 2: Tied 4-4

    Moutet opens a 3-0 lead but Zverev bounces back and we've got a close quarter with 6:00 left.
  • 17h23

  • 17h18

    The German was down 9-6 but dominated the second half of the quarter to win it by five. Some authoritative tennis from Zverev down the stretch.
  • 17h13
    QUARTER 1: Zverev leads 12-11

    The Lion goes from 6-9 down to 12-9 up but Moutet uses his "next point x 2" card to draw within one with two minutes left.
  • 17h10
    QUARTER 1: Moutet leads 7-6

    Moutet very nearly made the shot of the tournament, a no-look tweener from up at the net, but missed it wide at 4-4.

    A second double-fault gives Moutet the 7-6 lead.
  • 17h07
    QUARTER 1: Tied 4-4

    Zverev starts strong with a serve-plus-one and an ace for 2-0.

    The first point on return goes to Moutet for 3-3 on a Zverev double fault.

    Zverev does make it even at 4-4.
  • 17h00
    And here we go! A blockbuster day of semi-finals and finals begins at UTS2 with a first-time battle between Alexander Zverev and Corentin Moutet.
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