LIVE: UTS3 Day 1 session

Follow live the UTS3 Day 1 session, with all the matches from the Group 1. Alex de Minaur, Daniel Evans and Pablo Andujar will compete for the pool's first place to qualify for Sunday's final.


En cours

60" Rafraichir
Dan Evans The Viper Dan Evans The Viper 3 14 21 16 15 3
Pablo Andujar The Survivor Pablo Andujar The Survivor 2 15 12 17 14 2
  • 20h45
    And here is how this contest between the Viper and the Survivor *SUDDENLY* ended

  • 20h41

    The Viper had to save a pair of match points on his serve but eventually got things running in his favor and he comes away with the clutch victory over the survivor Pablo Andujar.
  • 20h34
    Turnaround time!

    Andujar wins to straight points then uses his steal serve card, which gives him two serves from 13-14 with :35 left.

    Andujar wins the first and the final point at 14-14 goes to Evans!

  • 20h33
    Evans is trying to push this to sudden death, and he's on his way, leading 14-11 with 1:00 left and Andujar serving.
  • 20h32
    The fourth quarter is tight. Just 1:57 left as Andujar takes a coaching timeout. The Spaniard is down by one point, 12-11, with Evans serving.
  • 20h31
    This is how Andujar, "The Survivor" stole that third quarter. Even when you watch it you still can't believe it.

  • 20h26
    We're still trying to figure out how in the world Pablo Andujar got out of that third quarter with the victory. He seemed to be dead to rights after falling behind 16-14 with :10 seconds left but he managed a quick return winner and then leveled the score at the buzzer, before winning the deciding point.

    He takes it, 17-16, and leads two quarters to one.
  • 20h17
    It's crunch time in quarter three. Evans leads 15-12 after converting a next point x 2 card with just over a minute left. Is there a way back for Andujar?
  • 20h13
    Evan follows the plan but Andujar has the answers. A passing shot from the Spaniard glances off the Brit's racquet and we're tied at 10-10 with 3:10 left in the third quarter.
  • 20h10
    Evans steps ahead by a pair, 8-6, and calls for a coaching timeout. Evans tells his coach that the plan is to try to pressure Andujar's backhand and come in to the net behind his approaches.
  • 20h09
    It's a close quarter with Evans and Andujar tied three and a half minutes in. This one could go either way.
  • 20h08
    Dan Evans starts to feel it as he wins his first quarter at UTS.

  • 20h03
    And Evans finishes with a flourish to level us up at one quarter apiece
  • 20h00
    The Survivor uses his next point counts double card and gets back to 17-9 but surely it's too late in this quarter. Or is it?
  • 20h00
    The Survivor uses his next point counts double card and gets back to 17-9 but surely it's too late in this quarter. Or is it?
  • 19h58
    It's all Evans now and Andujar, who looks like he's breathing hard, may be taking a breather.....
  • 19h58
  • 19h56
    Momentum with The Viper now and at 10-4, he uses his next point counts double card, winning the first with an ace and the second with a simple volley. Massive mountain for The Survivor to climb in this one
  • 19h55
    Andujar uses his first card, asking Evans to serve and volley and the Briton obliges, a fine smash and beautiful backhand volley putting him in charge
  • 19h52
    The Viper is biting back! Much faster start from Evans as he leads 5-2 in the second quarter
  • 19h49
    Andujar says he's been discussing with his coach whether to use his UTS cards sooner...we shall see!
  • 19h49
    "I started slow again," Dan Evans said. "If I can get a good start in this next one, I should be OK"
  • 19h47
    But The Survivor hangs on to win the last point and take the opening quarter!
  • 19h46
    Point of the match!! Evans wins a superb rally with a forehand winner to level at 14-14 with 30 seconds to go.....
  • 19h43
    Evans gets within one point but Andujar takes out his next point counts double card and wins both to go five points clear!
  • 19h41
    The Viper's not going away, though, and he's still got one of his cards to play
  • 19h39
    Evans uses his next point counts double card and wins the first point but not the second and it's Andujar in control
  • 19h38
    And it's Andujar who makes the fast start, even reacting to a net cord on the Evans serve as he marches ahead 7-1
  • 19h38
    No rest at UTS! We're back with the final match of the night, with Dan Evans "The Viper" back on court to face "The Survivor", Pablo Andujar
  • 19h17
    Post Match: The Demon tells Pete Odgers who he REALLY is.

  • 19h09
    Here's that point from the end of the first quarter

  • 19h03
    Things have fallen apart since we last checked in. De Minaur stretches his lead to 12-7 and with 2:33 left Andujar uses his coaching timeout. Is there a way back in this quarter for Andujar? "I will try," he tells his coach.
  • 19h00
    Another close quarter, it seems.

    Andujar levels up from 5-3 down with two exquisite winners - one from the backhand and the next from the forehand. The Spaniard won't win today, but he's improved in each quarter.
  • 18h52
    He does it again! Make it seven straight quarters for Alex de Minaur...

    "That one was definitely close," says the Aussie, who had to rally from two points down in the quarter and finish strong to clinch the victory over Pablo Andujar.
  • 18h47
    Turnaround time! The Demon wins both points from Andujar, who was using his next point x 2 card, to level at 8-8. Next the Aussie uses his next point x 2 card and takes the 10-9 lead.
  • 18h46
    Andujar is knocking on the door again in Quarter three. He takes a coaching timeout at 6-6 and then hits a forehand passing winner to lead 7-6 . On the next point Demon misses a backhand and Andujar will use his next point counts 2 card with an 8-6 lead. Big opportunity for the Spaniard.
  • 18h43
    How the second quarter was clinched by Alex de Minaur

  • 18h40
    It was a close quarter that came down to the buzzer, but it was the Demon again who claims it. He clinches the quarter on an ace that clicks off the let court as Andujar helplessly watches on. Did Pablo even know that let cords count at UTS? Well, he does now. De Minaur leads two quarters to love.
  • 18h34
    Andujar has the next point x 2 card at his disposal but the Demon is all over the court! He steals two consecutive points to take control of the quarter. Just amazing from the Demon, who leads 11-8 with 1:34 left in the second quarter.
  • 18h29
    We have ourselves a turnaround in Antwerp. Andujar leads 6-5 with 5:00 left in the second quarter...
  • 18h28
    Facing Alex de Minaur right now? Not easy, says Pablo Andujar...

  • 18h21
    It's another 20-point quarter for Alex de Minaur. He scored three of those against Dan Evans in his first match. It's safe to say he is on fire tonight in Antwerp. He takes the first quarter, 23-5.
  • 18h17
    De Minaur plays his point counts 2 card and knocks off a perfect volley to stretch the lead to 14-2. On the next point he's good again, ripping a forehand winner to expand the advantage to 16-4 with 2:20 left in the first quarter.
  • 18h15
    A coaching timeout for the Demon as he leads 9-4 with 3:53 left in the first quarter. Coach Adolfo Gutierrez has upped his English and gave De Minuar some sound advice. Don't hit the ball to the same spot twice.
  • 18h12
    Four minutes in and the Demon has staked himself to a 7-3 lead over Andujar. He's been a presence at net already in this contest.
  • 18h07

  • 17h41
    The Demon has been on fire throughout and he uses his final card well, winning both points as Evans has to serve and volley, and finishes off in style to win all four!
  • 17h39
    Evans gets within two points but De Minaur comes up with the ace to extend his lead
  • 17h36
    This has been a brilliant performance from De Minaur and now he uses his next points counts double card.
  • 17h35
    The Viper wins the second one but it's 8-8. De Minaur still has both cards left though
  • 17h34
    Evans uses his second card, forcing De Minaur to serve and volley but the Aussie looks like Pat Rafter for a moment, winning the first one
  • 17h32
    It's a repeat of the first three quarters as De Minaur takes an early lead. But Evans uses his next point counts double card and wins both points to level up.
  • 17h26
    That's the first win of UTS3! De Minaur takes the third quarter 21-10 to take an unassailable lead - but remember, they'll still play the final quarter
  • 17h24
    Evans wasting no time between points but there's not enough time, surely - De Minaur leads by eight
  • 17h23
    Oh that's unbelievable from De Minaur - sprints side to side and then finds an incredible angle with the backhand pass
  • 17h21
    De Minaur's coach Adolfo Gutierrez calls a timeout and speaks Spanish - whatever he said it clearly worked as De Minaur goes up 11-7 with a lovely lob-drop volley combination
  • 17h19
    Evans nets a backhand volley but wins the second point, then uses his steal serve card - but can only win one and it's all the Aussie again....
  • 17h17
    De Minaur is so on top of his game - slams a backhand down the line to move ahead 5-3 and then wins both his service points and he's in control again...
  • 17h15
    Wheels from De Minaur! Evans in control of a long point but the Aussie flashes a winner before moving ahead once more.
  • 17h12
    Right, time for Evans to make a big effort here.
  • 17h12
    "At least I used both my cards this time," De Minaur jokes
  • 17h10
    Not enough time for Evans to get back into this one, though and De Minaur runss away with the quarter 23-9 to take a commanding lead.
  • 17h07
    "I think your English is getting better". De Minaur says to his coach
  • 17h05
    But De Minaur pulls out his own card, also the next point counts double and it's 17-7 with 2.20 to go as De Minaur's coach calls a timeout..
  • 17h04
    The Viper uses his next point counts double card and a nice serve and volley wins the first one and a a good serve grabs the second to cut the Aussie's lead
  • 17h02
    It doesn't work, though, as De Minaur wins a long rally and then finds the ace with a huge kick serve. Big lead for The Demon but we've seen these leads disappear in UTS before
  • 17h01
    Evans cuts the deficit with a big serve and then uses his -1 serve card - needs to get back into this one quickly....
  • 16h59
    Fast start from The Demon as he races ahead 6-1 in the second quarter!
  • 16h56
    De Minaur says he probably should have used his cards sooner but says he thought he had a different card!
  • 16h54
    How close was that?!! De Minaur finds the line in the last seconds to take the opening quarter 13-12.
  • 16h53
    Evans goes for the win in 3 shots card and takes both points - it's 12-12 with 8 seconds to go!
  • 16h52
    What a turnaround! Evans wins the second point as well on the next point counts double to take the lead. But then De Minaur uses the same card to great effect and it's 12-10 to the Aussie with less than a minute to go
  • 16h50
    Evans is the first man to use a card, going for the next point counts double - and he wins the first one, levelling the scores at 8-8.
  • 16h47
    Better from Evans, cutting the gap with a backhand that almost went straight through De Minaur. No cards yet for either man....
  • 16h45
    How are your lungs? Fast start from De Minaur, who takes an early lead after a long, long rally...
  • 16h42
    So here we go!
  • 16h37
    The Demon is clearly in a hurry here! Races to a 4-0 lead in the second quarter
  • 16h25
    And welcome to Antwerp!
  • 16h25
    Welcome to UTS3!
  • 15h40

    UTS Day 1 schedule

    Match 1 - 6:30PM CET: Alex de Minaur "The Demon" vs Daniel Evans "The Viper"
    Match 2 - 8:00PM CET: Pablo Andujar "The Survivor" vs Alex de Minaur "The Demon"
    Match 3 - 9:30PM CET: Pablo Andujar "The Survivor" vs Daniel Evans "The Viper"
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