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‘Watching myself on TV was probably the most excruciating pain I ever had to experience” – Coco Gauff opens up about acting experience

Coco Gauff talks about her acting experience, saying that she’s not sure if she’ll ever do it again…

Australian Open Coco Gauff Australian Open Coco Gauff || AI / Reuters / Panoramic

Coco Gauff got a chance to try out her acting chops as she took on a roll in the CW show “All American: Homecoming”, which aired on March 20.

How did Gauff enjoy the experience? Let’s just say it was eye-opening…

“I don’t know if I would do it again for the acting part,” she said on Thursday in Miami. “Watching myself on TV was probably the most excruciating pain I ever had to experience. I hated it. My mom has a video of me. I was on the floor like this.”

A 2 out of 10

Gauff was her own worst critic, giving herself low marks for her effort. Fortunately her mom and dad weren’t so tough on her.

“My whole family watched,” she said. “My brother, he said it was a 3 out of 10. I rated it a 2 out of the 10. My mom and dad and other brother gave me a good rating.”

A long day on the set

Waiting out a rain delay at a tennis tournament can be excruciating, but for Gauff, spending a day on the set of a television show was even more so.

“That process was nothing like I imagined,” she said. “We were there from, like, 5 in the morning till like 8 at night. I didn’t realize how many times you had to do each scene over and over.

“Especially like the first scene in the show, which is technically the last scene we shot, I look so dead and tired because I was tired. They do a really good job. …I’m just sitting there like, Yeah, we’ve done this like 20 times, I’ve already met you like 30 hours ago.”

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