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Andreescu’s goal: Crack the Top 10 again and win other Grand Slam tournaments

The 2019 US Open winner, now ranked 72nd, said she expected to be back at the top, just before starting Roland-Garros

Bianca Andreescu at the 2021 French Open Bianca Andreescu at the 2021 French Open Image Credit: Zuma / Panoramic

As Roland-Garros, which will be her fifth tournament of the 2022 season, after a personal break she embarked upon last year, Bianca Andreescu insists her wish to be back at the top of the world tennis again.

“I’m still focusing on the process to get to where I want to get. I obviously have goals to crack the top 10 again and win other Grand Slams, more tournaments, I really want to focus on the process to get towards that, and it’s been working really well”, stated Andreescu, during a press conference on Saturday at Roland-Garros. In 2022, the Canadian won four matches in four tournaments, beating Danielle Collins, ranked No 8 and the Australian Open runner-up, in Madrid quarter-finals.

Andreescu continued, “Obviously, when I’m on court I’m super hungry and always looking at the finish line, at the bigger picture, but I do want to continue to do like those every-moment things or every-single-day things, like those daily routines. And even during the points as well I want to continue to build that, and then I know that one day all the other things will come in place”.

Andreescu spoke before her first round against qualifier Ysaline Bonaventure, ranked 170 in the world.

Sven says that I have more tools in my toolbox than I actually think: Andreescu

“Well, I still feel that there can always be an improvement in my game regarding shot selection, and I have been working a lot with Sven (Groeneveld, her coach, editor’s note) on that,” she concluded. “And also, all other parts of my game. What he brings out in me is he kind of, he tests me a lot, and he says that I have more tools in my toolbox than I actually think.

“I have been really showing that on court, and he’s helping me bring that out of me. And that could be little things, like maybe even a short-slice crosscourt which I don’t normally use. We are continuously working on stuff like that, or maybe serving and volleying, like little things like that that can for sure make a difference at the end of the day”.

Andreescu, now aged 21, could face 14th seed Belinda Bencic in the second round.

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