UTS Insiders: Working with the Virtuoso

Julien Cassaigne has known Richard Gasquet for many years, and been his coach and hitting partner more recently. Here he gives a glimpse behind the scenes at UTS.

August 5, 2020

Coach Julien Cassaigne has known Richard Gasquet for many years.

“In tennis, when your generations are close, you know each other from the first tournament,” he said in an exclusive video at UTS.

The 38-year-old was in his compatriot’s box throughout his time at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy for UTS – giving advice as well as serving as a hitting partner.

“I still can play a little bit, even if I don’t run as much as before – I’ll stand in one corner and I’ll hit with him,” said the Frenchman. “We enjoy playing together also.”

And he knows exactly what to do to get the best out of the Virtuoso.

“I try to give him confidence, to remind him how many good things he has achieved and how much more he can do,” he revealed.

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