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Djokovic “not thinking about whether or not (he’s) going to catch Covid” but calls for caution

The trophy holder at Wimbledon was asked if he had chosen to adapt his lifestyle because of the resurgence of Covid cases, like Rafael Nadal has

Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon 2022, training session Novak Djokovic during practice, Wimbledon 2022. © AI / Reuters / Panoramic

Being openly unvaccinated, Novak Djokovic might fear the resurgence of Covid cases more than other players, as Wimbledon has lost Matteo Berrettini, Marin Cilic and Roberto Bautista-Agut so far. But the Serbian let everyone know that his normal lifestyle doesn’t expose him that much.

“I’m mostly at the tennis facility and at home with my family. I don’t also go out much,” said Djokovic, during a press conference on Friday, after winning against Miomir Kecmanovic in the third round.

Djokovic was asked: “Nadal is looking after everything more, just staying at home, not going out too much. What are you doing? Wearing mask? How are you dealing with the situation right now to avoid a positive?”

I’m not, so to say, overconcerned about anything.

Novak Djokovic

The Serb replied: “I’m not, so to say, overconcerned about anything. I’m just trying to stay healthy, stay focused, and play the tournament. Right now, I’m not thinking about whether or not I’m going to catch Covid. But, of course, being cautious is something that is a necessity I think for everyone, and particularly because we have been through what we’ve been through in the last two years.”

Novak Djokovic will probably miss the US Open and the US swing, as the USA still has a closed border for unvaccinated non-citizens.

Nadal had previosuly said : “That’s the thing. A good friend of mine today had to pull out, Roberto Bautista, with another case. When this kind of stuff happens it’s because probably a lot of cases are around. I am not doing many things. Just staying here and staying in the house, not going out at all anymore. Now the Covid is less dangerous in terms of creating very dangerous health problems. At the same time, when you open, these kinds of things can happen.”

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