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“I love tennis and I would like to play again and I will let you know exactly when” – Venus Williams

The 42-year-old American has not played since the US Open where she lost in the opening round in singles and doubles

Venus Williams at the 2022 US Open Venus Williams at the 2022 US Open Image Credit: Imago / Panoramic

Seven-time Grand Slam singles champion Venus Williams has sais she has been playing a lot of tennis since her US Open exit and would like to return to the tour in a recent video she uploaded on her YouTube channel.

Williams, aged 42 and now ranked outside the top 1,000 in the world rankings, returned from a one-year lay-off at Wimbledon to play doubles alongside her sister Serena. She then played four tournaments in singles, including the US Open, but did not win a match.

That has not deterred Williams. In fact, she says she has been hitting the practice courts ever since her US Open exit.

“A lot of people have been asking me… ‘are you gonna play again?’ I love tennis and I would like to play again and I will let you know exactly when,” Willaims said on her channel. “I’ve been honestly hitting the court a lot and let me tell you when I hit the court… right after the doubles match that we played at the US Open. I immediately booked the court the next day and I went to every single practice in New York. I hit indoors and I’ve been hitting ever since.”

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“I’ve been working on slicing” – Venus Williams

In the video, Williams, who also has 14 Majors in women’s doubles and two in mixed doubles, further revealed that she has been working hard on her serve and forehand and is working on adding the slice to her repertoire.

“I’ve been actually working a lot of things, mainly, my forehand. Probably one of the most important shots. My serve, the most improtant shot in tennis is your serve. So folks, if you’re a tennis player, get a good serve, get a big serve,” Williams said. “I’ve been working on slicing. I sliced like once per year in a match and I played a point yesterday and sliced about four times. It was a world record for me, not for anybody else.. volleys too,” she said.

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