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Corentin Moutet’s New Rap Tackles Police Violence

World No.75 continues his foray into the rapping genre. The Frenchman has released a new freestyle rap that addresses George Floyd’s death and #BlackLivesMatter.

Corentin Moutet Rolex Paris Masters 2019 – Corentin Moutet – France

The other career of Corentin Moutet continues even as the Frenchman has worked his way back to the practice courts after quarantine; namely that of a rapper. The world No 75 has released a freestyle rap dedicated to the theme of police violence, posting the full clip to his YouTube channel. Less than a month after his first release, Petit Frère (Little Brother), Moutet is tackling a darker theme. This time it’s a freestyle rap entitled BBB #1, in reaction to the controversy over police violence.

“Here is my response to a subject close to my heart,” explains the 21-year-old on YouTube, in a written comment under his video. “The equality of men and women, regardless of color, religion, income … We are all equal and we should all be equal in the eyes of the law. Good listening. “

“Here is my answer to a subject close to my heart”

Moutet begins the video in front of his television, clicking on news reports, which evoke the death of George Floyd, who died in late May in Minneapolis after a police arrest which sparked the wave of worldwide indignation and protests in the name of the #Black Lives Matter movement.

Selected pieces 

“Every evening it’s the same delirium, solo in my living room, I write rhymes hoping that my life will lengthen,” raps Moutet, in French. “On the ground a body is condemned, lit by the moon, no it won’t make the headlines, killed by police. On the ground a body is condemned, he will not see his daughter again, under the last stroke of a cop, his heartbeat has stopped.”

Moutet then evokes a daily life made equally difficult by the difficulties of love, before concluding:

“If hope existed, we would have to pay to have it (…) Double fuck with the cops, and if my words offend you, we don’t beat up a man, whether he is rebellious, white or black. “

At the sporting level, Moutet had notably risen in the final of the Doha tournament in January. At age 20, Moutet became youngest Frenchman to reach an ATP Tour final since Richard Gasquet, 20, at 2006 Lyon. Last year Moutet reached the third round at Roland-Garros as a qualifier.

Since tennis shutdown due to the coronavirus, Moutet has been prolific musically. He has posted several tracks to Instagram and YouTube before his first official release “petit frère” last month. “BBB#1” was record at the Grand Paris Studio and produced by AA Production.

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