15 essentials for your child’s tennis summer camp

Tennis Majors and its partner Tennis Warehouse offer a selection of entry-level items to return to the courts this summer without breaking the bank.

Chaussures adidas Court Control

The beginning of the summer is also the approach of the summer holidays for schoolchildren, high schoolers, and college student. And school holidays are the time for tennis courses for the most passionate of you. Following a year that was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic in all the parts in the world, nothing should stand in the way of you being able to find rhythm on the tennis court and the sensations of doing so before setting off again for a season that everyone hopes to be “normal” this coming school year.

Tennis Majors and our partner Tennis Warehouse offer you a selection of items that will be essential for your child for his summer camp. Rackets, shoes, and balls are not enough if you play every day and want to make the most of your summer. Here is our common selection of products to put in your bag.

Summer Essentials

Get the Graphene 360+ Instinct Lite (Head)
Prix grand public : 140€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 94€ (suggested price)

An exceptional racquet for beginners and intermediate players, looking for a comfortable model, facilitating power and spin. Despite her oversized size, her above average control is a big bonus. Weight: 270 g

Get the Summer Tala Tank (Bjorn Borg)
Prix grand public : 39,95€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 35,90€ (suggested price)

Perfect to wear during your matches and training, the Bjorn Borg Tala tank top features a comfortable lined neckline, side stripes, a V-neckline and a full B print. Composition: 100% polyester.

Get the Lotto Womens Spring Top Ten Skirt (Lotto)
Prix grand public : 35€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 31,90€ (suggested price)

Dress for success in this Lotto Top Ten Skirt. It features an elastic waistband, built-in shortie, slits at front with contrast underlay, moisture wicking fabric, and a heat transfer Lotto logo at left hem. Content: 100% Polyester.

Get the Vapor Lite Shoe (Nike)
Prix grand public : 69,99€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 52,90€ (suggested price)

Speed, support and effective cushioning define the Nike Vapor Lite which sports a whole new design and promises ultra plush comfort at an exceptional price!

Get the Polo Ace Stripes (Australian)
Prix grand public : 55€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 49,90€ (suggested price)

Bring a modern touch to your match outfit by wearing this Australian Ace Stripes polo shirt. Made in Italy.
Composition: 100% polyester.

Get the Men’s Sweat Short (Roland-Garros)
Prix grand public : 39€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 39€ (suggested price)

These comfortable tennis shorts are fitted with an elastic waistband with drawstring, side pockets and a Roland Garros logo on the left thigh. Composition: 100% cotton

Get the Adidas Court Control Shoes (Adidas)
Prix grand public : 70€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 62,90€ (suggested price)

Low to the ground and lightweight, this shoe allows for quick changes of direction. Excellent value, responsiveness and comfort that will suit a wide variety of players.

Get the Wristbands (Lotto)
Prix grand public : 16€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 13,90€ (suggested price)

Must-Haves Less than $25

Get the All Court Balls 4-Pack (Wilson)
Prix grand public : 16€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 12,50€ (suggested price)

Wilson introduces the Wilson Roland Garros All Court balls. This regular duty ball is good for all types of surfaces and comes with Roland Garros print on the ball. 2 cans, 4 balls per can | ITF approved.

Get the Hypercharge Chug Bottle Clear 24oz/709 ml (Nike)
Prix grand public : 25€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 19,90€ (suggested price)

Stay hydrated with this stylish Nike water bottle. It features an easy-to-use ergonomic design, one-handed slide button, and impact-resistant construction.

Get the 3 Surgrips Wonder (Solinco)
Prix grand public : 6,90€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 4,90€ (suggested price)

The Wonder Overgrip is a high performance polyurethane overgrip with an adhesive side and a cushioned feel. The package contains 3.

Get the Emoji Dampeners (Wilson)
Prix grand public : 5,90€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 5,90€ (suggested price)

These easy-to-install dampeners bring more comfort to your string – and swing. Put some fun in your life with these quirky dampeners. Sold in packs of two.

Get the 100m RPM Blast 1,25 (Babolat)
Prix grand public : 104,95€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 74,90€ (suggested price)

A durable co-poly string offering excellent access to spin. The slick surface of RPM Blast allows the main strings to slide out of alignment, grab the ball and then snap back to add spin to the shot. RPM Blast offers a softer feel compared to traditional polyester monofilaments. RPM Blast is an ideal choice for big hitters seeking maximum control and spin.

Get the Jump Rope Fundamental Speed (Nike)
Prix grand public : 20€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 15,98€ (suggested price)

The Fundamental Speed Jump Rope is the essential fitness accessory for working your footwork and cardio. One size fits all. Length about 200cm

Get the Babolat Pro Team Tacky Overgrip, 12-Pack (Babolat)
Prix grand public : 22,95€ – Prix Tennis Warehouse : 18,90€ (suggested price)

The Pro Team Tacky overgrip offers excellent comfort with plenty of tack while still being absorbent. Has a smooth surface and is easy to wrap. Offered in a 12-pack for the player always seeking a fresh overgrip. 12 per pack.

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