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Three matches, three demolitions – Highlights from Day 4 day session

Follow Saturday’s Ultimate Tennis Showdown day session live! Matches begin at 4:00 PM CET. Enjoy the show!

Richard Gasquet - UTS Richard Gasquet – UTS

Thanks for following live matches from the Day 4 day session with us. Tennis Majors comes back at 9:00pm CET for the night session, with the most anticipated contest of UTS: Dominic Thiem versus Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Match 3: Dustin Brown “The Artist” vs Richard Gasquet “The Virtuoso”

Gasquet defeats Brown 23-10, 20-5, 18-13, 18-10

Second straight victory for Richard Gasquet, as impressive against The Artist as he was the previous day versus Thiem. With a 3-1 record, The Virtuoso climbs to the second place of UTS rankings. Dustin Brown is dead last with four losses in four matches.

Richard Gasquet, UTS 2020


18-10 GASQUET – A finish without drama in this match, as Brown had long given up any hope to grab a quarter this afternoon. What an incredible performance from Gasquet!

17-7 GASQUET – The Artist tries to stay in it and Gasquet does a little more unforced errors. But The Virtuoso has a firm hand on this fourth quarter.

12-3 GASQUET – Winners keep coming for Gasquet, as his backhand is as accurate as a Swiss watch. Impressive.

8-2 GASQUET – Six consecutive points for The Virtuoso as Brown keeps his head down. It’s really tough for the German…

3-2 GASQUET – Unlike yesterday, Gasquet keeps the foot on the pedal in the fourth quarter and continues his marvellous display.

QUARTER 3 GOES TO GASQUET, 18-13 – 4th UTS loss for Brown.

18-13 GASQUET – The Virtuoso secures a second straight victory with an end of quarter very well played.

12-10 GASQUET – Fantastic tennis from The Artist.

10-6 GASQUET – The “winners count 3” UTS card is paying handsome dividends for Gasquet. The Virtuoso turns the quarter around thanks to a backhand winner after a Brown drop shot and a stunner of a forehand. 6 points in 2.

6-4 BROWN – Brow has found back his serve and is fighting back!

2-1 BROWN – The beauty of this format is that it is not won for Gasquet already. But we hardly see how Brown could come back.

QUARTER 2 GOES TO GASQUET, 20-5 – There is not even a match. 

20-5 GASQUET – Absolute drop shot screamer from Gasquet on the last point of the quarter.

12-3 GASQUET – Dustin Brown is smiling at Gasquet’s level.

10-2 GASQUET – The world No 50 is dictating play and is just too good for the world No 239.

6-2 GASQUET – Gasquet is putting on a show. He is just everywhere.

5-1 GASQUET – Third ace from the Frenchman.

2-0 GASQUET – Gasquet starts with two aces. He has been serving unbelievably well over the weekend.

GASQUET TAKES THE OPENER, 23-10 – What a start from The Virtuoso. He continues where he left off with last night. 

19-6 GASQUET – The world No 50 is just running away with this first quarter. He is very consistent from the baseline just as in his previous matches.

13-5 GASQUET – Great level of tennis from The Virtuoso.

9-5 GASQUET – The Artist takes his “winners count x3” UTS card but it is too good from Gasquet on the return of serve.

6-4 GASQUET – Gasquet takes an early lead with some luck.

2-2 – Both players hold their serve.

The last match of the day is Dustin Brown vs Richard Gasquet. They already faced once: in the semi-finals of Montpellier in 2016. Brown led 6-1 3-0 and then lost in three-set.

Match 2: Benoît Paire “The Rebel” vs Matteo Berrettini “The Hammer”

Berrettini defeats Paire 18-11, 14-12, 14-12, 18-14

The Hammer Berrettini bounces back. After losing 4 quarter to 0, he reverses the tables and defeats Paire on the same score. Tough loss for the Frenchman


17-13 BERRETTINI –  Down 16-10, Paire uses his “winners count 3” UTS card. He hits an ace and a double fault going for the second ace. It was a smart move.

11-6 BERRETTINI – Horrible overhead miss from Paire after a brilliant play.

10-5 BERRETTINI – The Italian is edging towards the second 4-0 win of the day.

7-1 BERRETTINI – The rebel has giving up rebelling it seems.

3-1 BERRETTINI – Paire is looking depressed.

“I don’t want to speak now. The only thing I want is put my head in an ice bath.”, Paire says to the commentators.

BERRETTINI STEALS QUARTER 3!! The Hammer produces a great turnaround and wins the match. 

13-12 BERRETTINI – The Italian edges ahead. Incredible. Paire has been in complete control over the quarter. The Rebel still has still a serve to come back.

11-8 PAIRE – Berrettini is fighting back. Just too hot to handle from the Hammer

11-5 PAIRE – Paire wins four points in a row on his serve thanks to the “Steal serve” card.

7-5 PAIRE – Excellent fightback from the world No 8. “Bravo Matteo”, admits Paire on a drop shot winner by the Italian.

7-2 PAIRE – Magnificent backhand winner from the world No 22 Paire.

5-1 PAIRE – Paire starts this quarter much better. He takes an early lead.

BERRETTINI PREVAILS IN QUARTER 2, 14-12 – Paire had the opportunity to come back to 13 points apiece but Berrettini smashes a great passing shot and now leads two quarters to love. 

13-11 BERRETTINI – Great fightback from the Frenchman. Berrettini will have to serve for a last point.

10-7 BERRETTINI – The Italian hit the line a couple of time and Paire loses it. He keeps shouting in French and throwing his racquet.

7-5 PAIRE – The Rebel uses his “winners count 3” UTS card and serves and volleys on both occasion. Berrettini voluntarily misses both returns.

5-4 PAIRE – Paire edges ahead thanks to his backhand.

2-0 BERRETTINI – Paire is not patient enough and hits a couple of unforced errors.

BERRETTINI LOGICALLY TAKES THE OPENER 18-11 – Superb quarter of tennis from Matteo Berrettini. 

14-6 BERRETTINI – The world No 8 is more solid and is extending his lead.

10-6 BERRETTINI – 3min to go and still no card used

9-5 BERRETTINI – Berrettini proves more patient than Paire during the rallies.

6-4 BERRETTINI – Paire is playing aggressive tennis and coming to the net to come back to 6-4.

3-1 BERRETTINI – The Berrettini forehand is making some damage already.

Match 1: Alexei Popyrin “The Tornado” vs Corentin Moutet “The Tornado”

Moutet beats Popyrin 14-8, 14-12, 17-14, 14-11

The Frenchman prevails 4 quarters to love. He had the answer to everything this afternoon. Popyrin has not won a single quarter this weekend.

Corentin Moutet

MOUTET ALSO TAKES QUARTER 4, 14-11 – Clean kill from the Frenchman. 

13-11 MOUTET – The Australian wins 4 points in a row by stealing serve appropriately and coming up with big forehand winners.

12-6 MOUTET – Popyrin has lost his way.

9-3 MOUTET – Moutet successes in everything he does. He livers an exquisite volley in full stretch at the net. Popyrin can’t believe it.

5-3 MOUTET – What an exquisite return from Moutet. “Voilà!!”, he shouts.

2-0 MOUTET – Corentin Moutet wins the point by serving and volleying.

The fourth quarter is still played for set-average purpose. Can Moutet go for the third 4-0 win of the weekend?

QUARTER 3, MATCH, 17-14 – That seals the victory for Moutet. His first of UTS. 

16-13 MOUTET – Popyrin wins 3 points in a row and steals serve. But he can’t win a fourth and that mean the wins is going to go for Moutet.

15-10 MOUTET – Moutet gets the 3-pointer with an outstanding forehand passing shot. Incredible from the Frenchman.

12-9 MOUTET – The world No 103 gets frustrated as Moutet has a response to everything.

8-6 MOUTET – The world No 75 produces a turnaround once again.

4-2 POPYRIN – Moutet went for the slam dunk but fails it didn’t quite come off.

2-0 POPYRIN – The Aussie starts with two huge forehands.

MOUTET TAKES THE 2nd QUARTER, 14-12 – The Frenchman leads by two quarters to love. 

13-11 MOUTET – Moutet wins a couple of point on his serve and now is stealing serve at the very best moment.

10-9 MOUTET – Poor body language by Popyrin. The Aussie is unhappy with his game and the referring.

6-6 – The Frenchman plays with patience and he is back to deuce.

6-4 MOUTET – The tornado playing chicky with an underarm serve when using his “winners x3” UTS card. He can’t make a winner but he wins the point.

6-1 POPYRIN – Momentums can shift rapidly in this format.

4-0 POPYRIN – The Sniper in action. Massive first serve and the coming up with a huge inside out forehand.

MOUTET WINS QUARTER 1 BY 14 POINTS TO 8 – Great start from the Frenchman. 

12-8 MOUTET – A couple of Popyrin unforced errors at the worst moment from Popyrin.

8-6 MOUTET – The Australian does not get a winner when using his “winners count 3” card. He can’t make a winner but wins both points which is a fair deal. 3 minutes to go.

8-4 MOUTET – Moutet is up in the vibe.

4-4 – Solid stuff from Popyrin to levels up the score.

4-1 MOUTET – Great start from Moutet who wins four points in a row.

1-0 POPYRIN – Here we go for the first match of UTS Day 4. Alexei Popyrin wins the first point with a big serve, his biggest weapon.


Ultimate Tennis Showdown continues!

Welcome to Tennis Majors where you can follow Sunday’s Ultimate Tennis Showdown day session live. The schedule features three matches, starting at 4 pm.

  • 4 pm CET: Alexei Popyrin “The Tornado” vs Corentin Moutet “The Tornado”
  • 5.15 pm CET: Benoît Paire “The Rebel” vs Matteo Berrettini “The Hammer”
  • 6.30 pm CET: Dustin Brown “The Artist” vs Richard Gasquet “The Virtuoso”

Watch the matches live on !


  • 9 pm CET: Feliciano Lopez “The Torero” vs David Goffin “The Wall”
  • 10.15 pm CET: Dominic Thiem “Domi” vs Stefanos Tsitsipas “The Greek God”


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