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Live the matches of the first day of the second edition of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown. On the program: Feliciano Lopez - Alexei Popyrin, Grigor Dimitrov - Richard Gasquet, Benoît Paire - Dustin Brown, and Corentin Moutet - Fernando Verdasco.


En cours

60" Rafraichir
El Fuego  Fernando Verdasco El Fuego Fernando Verdasco 2 13 16 16 13 2
The Tornado  Corentin Moutet The Tornado Corentin Moutet 3 19 13 12 16 3
  • 00h06
  • 23h59

    The Tornado rallies by using his "Two Point" cards to get past Fernando Verdasco in deep trouble. Amazing comeback.

    Sudden death is next.
  • 23h57
    Quarter 4: Verdasco leads 11-8. Too much air on a drop shot and it's easy pickings for Verdasco. Time is against the Frenchman with 1:15 remaining.
  • 23h56
    Quarter 4: TRICK SHOT ALERT

    This bit of devilish trickery brought to you by Corentin Moutet

  • 23h51
    Quarter 4: Verdasco leads 5-3

    A lucky let cord bounce on a second serve gives Verdasco the lead and he stretches it to 5-3. Important moments for Moutet coming up.
  • 23h45

    El Fuego appears to be a fast learner and he has taken over this match.
  • 23h42
    Quarter 3: Verdasco leads 14-9

    Moutet has lost the plot and Verdasco is steaming a long. It looks like the Spaniard is going to take the 2-1 lead shortly.
  • 23h39
    Quarter 3: Tied 8-8

    Verdasco had Moutet right where he wanted him but missed a sitter forehand and we're level at 8 apiece with just over two mins left.
  • 23h37
    Quarter 3: Moutet leads 7-5

    As we pass the halfway mark of the third, it's still the Tornado in front, but not by much.
  • 23h34
    Quarter 3: Moutet leads 4-2

    After a nice cat-and-moust point won by the Tornado he has the early edge and is serving.
  • 23h28
  • 23h27
    Quarter 2: Verdasco leads 14-9

    El Feugo used the "Steal Serve" card with a 12-9 lead and he made it work for him. Now he leads 14-9 with 1:20 left.
  • 23h24
    Quarter 2: Verdasco leads 10-7

    And the Spaniard has hit one of the hardest forehands in the history of UTS right here

  • 23h19
    He didn't get the first quarter, but Fernando Verdasco is just happy to be back on the court.

  • 23h14

    It was a solid start for Corentin Moutet, who showed that he is the more experienced player in this format and never let Verdasco into the first quarter.
  • 23h10
    Quarter 1: Moutet leads 13-9

    Verdasco had his Winners x 3 card serving at 7-13 but Moutet played it wisely and only gave the Spaniard two points in total. Just over three minutes left in the quarter.
  • 23h05
    Quarter 1: Moutet leads 6-2

    A very impressive start for the Tornado as Verdasco struggles to find his footing early.
  • 22h49
    So it is Benoit Paire with the win, and score one for his favorite club #Marseille

  • 22h47
    Results thus far on Day 1 of UTS

    El Torero Feliciano Lopez defeats The Sniper Alexei Popyrin 3-1
    Le Virtuoso Richard Gasquet defeats Grigor Dimitrov 4-0
    The Rebel Benoit Paire defeats The Artist Dustin Brown 3-1

    Next up: The Tornado Corentin Moutet v El Fuego Fernando Verdasco

    Get to know the new kind on the block

  • 22h42
    BENOIT PAIRE DEFEATS DUSTIN BROWN 20-15, 21-13, 17-19, 21-15

    And the Rebel takes the victory to improve to 2-0 at UTS vs Dustin Brown.
  • 22h41
    Quarter 4: Paire Leads 17-11

    Back-to-back two-pointers from Benoit Paire and that could be the end of Dustin Brown with just over a minute to play.
  • 22h38
    Quarter 4: Paire Leads 11-7

    And how about this gorgeous squash shot from the Rebel?

  • 22h36
    Quarter 4: Paire leads 9-5

    It's Paire who is producing the quality shotmaking in the fourth quarter and he has staked himself to a comfortable lead.
  • 22h33
    Quarter 4: Paire leads 5-3

    It's a competitive fourth quarter already, with the Rebel out in front.
  • 22h30

    Here is the turning point. In Brown's words he had to hope and pray and close his eyes, and it worked!

  • 22h25
    Quarter 3: Tied 15-15

    Brown was forced backwards but still ripped a brilliant backhand to take the lead by two at 15-13.. but Paire answered right back to tie things up at 15-15.

    Paire takes a coaching timeout with 1:22 left and the quarter hanging in the balance...
  • 22h23
    Quarter 3: Tied 10-10

    All Dustin Brown can do is give the thumbs up as Paire cracks two winners to level the quarter.
  • 22h14

    The Rebel leads Dustin Brown two quarters to love.
  • 22h12
    Quarter 2: Paire leads 18-11

    HOT SHOT ALERT: How about this cuteness from Benoit Paire?

  • 22h03
    Quarter 2: Paire leads 5-3

    It's a quick start for the Rebel, he seems to be a man on a mission in this contest. Still 7 and a half minutes left in the quarter though.
  • 22h01
    HOT SHOT: Benoit Paire shows off his fast feet and sublime hands on this point from quarter one

  • 21h59

    He was down early, but Benoit Paire took control and kept Dustin Brown at bay to pull away.
  • 21h54
    Quarter 1: Paire leads 10-8

    Just over four minutes remaining and it is Paire clinging to the two-point lead.
  • 21h50
    Quarter 1: Tied 4-4

    Dustin Brown jumped out to a 4-0 lead but Benoit Paire has answered back and tied things up at 4.

    It was Paire who won the previous contest between these two, 3-1 on June 15.
  • 21h43
    Up Next: "The Rebel" Benoit Paire v "The Artist" Dustin Brown
  • 21h31
    Sublime tennis from the Virtuoso Richard Gasquet today. Do you think he can go all the way at UTS2?

  • 21h27
    RICHARD GASQUET DEFEATS GRIGOR DIMITROV 15-10, 13-10, 14-11, 18-10

    It's a clean sweep for the Frenchman, who is off and running at UTS2.
  • 21h24
  • 21h22
    Quarter 4: Gasquet leads 13-7

    Well, this one is done and dusted, even though Dimitrov absolutely TORCHED a forehand winner on the last point.
  • 21h20
    Quarter 4: Gasquet leads 10-6

    Oops I did it again. Gasquet called for the "Serve-and-Volley" card which forces Dimitrov to come forwards behind his serve. The Bulgarian plays an excellent point on his first serve, but on the second he forgets to come in and loses the point.

    Here's what the first point looked like from the court, courtesy of UTS

  • 21h17
    Quarter 4: Gasquet leads 5-3

    The Virtuoso is not letting up - apparently he fancies a sweep today.
  • 21h11

    And the Virtuoso clinches the win and spoils Dimitrov's first UTS match.

    He has been pretty much flawless from the start. Well-deserved.
  • 21h10
    Quarter 3: Gasquet leads 13-10

    Using the "point counts 2" card Gasquet wins one point and loses one point. A +1 and a five-point lead.

    Dimitrov serves and uses "Winners x 3" but only manages two one-pointers. Less than a minute to go in the quarter now.
  • 21h08
    Quarter 3: Gasquet leads 11-7

    The Virtuoso stretches the lead to four as Dimitrov double-faults, and now the Frenchman has two serves and the cards working for him with under two minutes left in the quarter.
  • 21h06
    Quarter 3: Gasquet leads 8-5

    Thanks to shotmaking like this!

  • 21h01
    HOT SHOT: The Virtuoso

    Some handiwork from the Frenchman from quarter two. Points like these are occurring rather often.

  • 20h57
    Gasquet wins quarter 2! 13-10

    Dimitrov was on the comeback trail. He trailed 9-11 and was serving with his "Winners x 3" card, but could not produce the desired effect. Gasquet leads two quarters to love.
  • 20h55
    Quarter 2: Gasquet leads 9-7

    Two points gets Dimitrov closer and now he'll turn to the cards for more.
  • 20h55
    Beauty forehand alert - Dimitrov

  • 20h49
    Quarter 2: Gasquet Leads 5-3

    Gosh, it really does look like the Virtuoso has picked up right where he left off at UTS. He's playing extremely well and in the lead again this quarter.
  • 20h46
    Dimitrov Changeover:

    The Bulgarian explains why he doesn't want a nickname at UTS2: "I've had way too many nicknames over the years," he says with a smile...
  • 20h43
    The Virtuouso takes the opening quarter 15-10

    It was Gasquet who pulled away late, winning seven of the final nine points.
  • 20h38
    Quarter 1: Gasquet leads 6-4

    Dimitrov is on the board. Fortunately Gasquet is alright after stumbling while hitting his backhand on that last point.
  • 20h34
    Quarter 1: Gasquet leads 4-0

    Fast start for the Frenchman, perhaps it will take some time for Dimitrov to get used to the :15 between points?
  • 20h25
    It's time for the night session on Day 1 of UTS2!

    Have a look at our preview of Richard Gasquet v Grigor Dimitrov

  • 19h12
    Have a look at that dramatic finish and tell us what you think... was it in or out?

  • 19h04
    "El Torero" Feliciano Lopez defeats "The Sniper" Alexei Popyrin 17-8, 11-19, 16-13, 13-12.

    Last words from the Sniper? "How can you overrule that?"

    Most believe that the final call was correct, but it won't change the frustration that the Aussie feels after losing his opening match at UTS2.
  • 19h01
    Lopez Wins 3-1!

    What drama! Serving at 12-12 and with time expired, Alexei Popyrin double-faults to lose the match. He's miffed about the call and argues it, but there's nothing that can be done now.
  • 19h00
    Quarter 4: Popyrin leads 11-10

    Serving at 10-9 the Sniper pulls out his "Winners Count 3" card but Lopez stymies the Aussie, taking the first point to level at 10 with 1:17 left.

    On the next point Popyrin gets one to lead 11-10.
  • 18h57
    Quarter 4: Lopez leads 10-7

    Interesting decision as Lopez uses the serve-and-volley card which forces Poyrin to come to the net behind his serve or else be penalised. It's a split.
  • 18h47
    Lopez Wins Quarter 3, 16-13

    El Torero takes the 2-1 lead over Popyrin.
  • 18h36
    Quarter Three: Lopez leads 5-3

    The Sniper is trying to keep the momentum as the players start a massively important third quarter. It's El Torero that moves ahead by two points.
  • 18h31
    Quarter Two goes to Popyrin, 19-11

    "I didn't get too down on myself after the first quarter," says the Sniper. "I think smiling helps me a little bit."

    We are all even at a quarter apiece - the first match of UTS2 has not disappointed.
  • 18h29
    Quarter Two: Popyrin Leads 17-11

    Lopez calls on Lopez. It's a coaching timeout with :10 seconds left in the quarter.
  • 18h26
    Quarter Two: Popyrin leads 11-9

    The Torero plays the Winners X 3 card but only manages two singles points to close the gap to 11-9 with just over three minutes left in quarter two.
  • 18h22
    Quarter Two: Popyrin Leads 7-5

    Lopez has mixed results with the "Next Point Counts Double" card. First he double-faults. Then he hammers an ace.
  • 18h19
    Quarter Two: Popyrin Leads 3-1

    Quick start for the Aussie, who rifles a forehand winner to take the 3-1 lead. Maybe he is starting to warm up?
  • 18h17
    Lopez dominated the first quarter but Popyrin is in good spirits. He tells Pete Odgers during the changeover that he has a lot of trouble starting fast without a warmup right before the match. Let's see what he can bring in quarter two...
  • 18h13
    Lopez Leads 14-8, Quarter 1

    The Torero rips a crosscourt forehand winner to take a commanding lead in quarter one. It's now a coaching timeout for Popyrin with :39 seconds left in the quarter.
  • 18h09
    The Torero is seeing the ball like a football and he's stepped out to an early 11-3 lead even as Popyrin has taken the last point.
  • 18h03
    And here we go! Lopez steps out fast and takes a 3-1 lead in the first quarter.
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