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Match Points #48 Podcast

How Djokovic showed he’s still ahead of Alcaraz, why Gauff will be the next big thing – Match Points Podcast Edition #48

September 29, 2023
Match Points #47

With what Djokovic has been able to achieve and with his records, the GOAT debate is over before Wimbledon 2023 – Match Points #47 Podcast Edition

July 1, 2023
Match Points #46

20 years after Verkerk’s incredible run at Roland-Garros, we could have a similar surprise on the men’s side – Match Points #46 podcast edition

May 24, 2023
Match Points Podcast #45

Why Djokovic is the real world No 1 ahead of Alcaraz, tennis should not be seen as basketball for the fans – Match Points #45 podcast edition

April 7, 2023
Australian Open 2023, Djokovic and Sabalenka

Why Djokovic is “just built differently”, satisfaction and disappointment in Melbourne – Match Points #44 podcast edition

January 31, 2023
Match Points 2022

Alcaraz, Sinner, Swiatek, Serena-Federer: Our 2022 overview and our predictions for 2023 – Match Points #43 podcast edition

December 18, 2022

How many slams can Alcaraz win and rating Serena’s performance – Match Points #42 podcast edition

September 17, 2022
Match Points Podcast #41 - © Tennis Majors

Serena’s legacy and expectations for her farewell, why the US Open is one of the most open of the last 10 years – Match Points #41 podcast edition

August 27, 2022
Serena Williams, Match Points #40

Why it’s great for ATP Tour to experiment with coaching, Serena’s return and expectations – Match Points #40, audio version

June 26, 2022

Nadal’s incredible achievement and the high price he paid with his body – and the problem of night sessions at Roland-Garros – Match Points #39

June 9, 2022

Earthquake in women’s tennis and the ATP’s lack of authority over players’ bad behaviour – Match Points #38 podcast sample

April 6, 2022
Match Points by Tennis Majors about Novak Djokovic unvaccinated

Djokovic’s legacy at risk – Match Points #37 podcast sample

February 16, 2022