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Serena Williams, the woman behind the player

Serena Williams is way more than a tennis player. Here are the answers to the questions you may ask yourself about her lifestyle, on and off the court.

Serena Williams before 2020 Australian Open Serena Williams before 2020 Australian Open


Where does Serena Williams live?

Serena Williams lives in Los Angeles, in the Beverly Hills area, with husband Alexis Ohanian and daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. The American player and her husband bought their Spanish style-house in October 2017 for 6.7 million dollars. It is a five-bedroom home with a spacious private garden complete with a rolling grassy area, swimming pool and built-in barbecue, along with a veranda and several outdoor seating areas.

What is her net worth?

Williams became the first-ever athlete on Forbes’ America’s richest self-made women list, with a projected net worth of 225 million dollars, ranking her 80th overall. In 2019, Serena Williams earned 29 million dollars (sponsors and prize-money). She is the highest paid female tennis player in the world.

Does Serena Williams have an Instagram account?

Williams has a very popular Instagram account, which is followed by 12.2 million people as of March 2020. The American is very active on this social media platform and often posts photos of her family or herself during her training sessions. Williams also has a Twitter account followed by 10.8 million people. 5.3 million people like the American star’s official Facebook page.

Where can you buy her outfits?

Williams’ outfits are available on her sponsor website, Nike, which has been equipping the American since the beginning of her career.

Serena Williams during the 2020 Australian Open

How to contact her?

The American is very active on social media. You can contact her via her Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Does Serena Williams have a clothing brand?

Serena Williams launched her own clothing brand, Serena, in June 2018, with sportswear and cocooning collections for all women. “Strong. Sexy. Sophisticated.”: That’s how the brand was introduced by the American player. Highly attracted to fashion, Williams dreamed of creating her own brand. “Some people criticized my decision, but I knew I had two loves, tennis and fashion, and I had to find a way to make them coexist. Today, I am proud to launch Serena, my own online store. Never stop believing in yourself, you deserve it,” she wrote on her Instagram account the day Serena was launched.

Serena Williams


What is Serena Williams’ religion?

The Williams sisters Venus and Serena, along with their parents, are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Williams doesn’t celebrate her daughter’s birthdays because her religion prohibits the celebration of birthdays and Christian holidays such as Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve or Halloween.

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