Alcaraz to La Nacion – I have the level and am ready to win a major

In a recent interview with La Nacion, Carlos Alcaraz reiterated his belief in his ability to win a major title now, and talked about his newfound fame.

Carlos Alcaraz beats Rafael Nadal Madrid AI / Reuters / Panoramic

In an interview with Sebastián Torok of La Nacion, Carlos Alcaraz reiterated his self-belief, saying that he feels ready to win a major title, and asserting that the fact that he still has not become No 1 in the ATP rankings is helping him remain grounded, reminding him that he still has a long way to go as he engineers his meteoric rise up the ATP rankings.

“I’m not afraid to say that I’m ready to win a Grand Slam,” Alcaraz told Torok. “Physically I feel very well. I am mentally strong. I am a strong player and in the end that is what it takes to win a Grand Slam. Now the level is accompanying me. I feel good and quite confident – I’m not afraid to say I’m ready to do it.”

Alcaraz, who has become a top betting favourite at Roland-Garros among oddsmakers after Rafael Nadal’s foot injury became an issue this week in Rome, has no problems with motivation – he is still very far from his ultimate dream.

“I am also a guy who is quite clear about things,” Alcaraz said. “I am clear about my goal, I am clear about my dream, which is to be number 1 in the world and no matter how many tournaments come, no matter how many things come right now, I still haven’t managed to be number 1. It helps me to be with my feet on the ground to continue trying to fulfill my dreams.”

“I am a strong player and in the end that is what it takes to win a Grand Slam. Now the level is accompanying me. I feel good and quite confident – I’m not afraid to say I’m ready to do it.”

Carlos Alcaraz to La Nacion

Fame comes with success for better or for worse

Alcaraz also talked about the fact that he has become much more of a recognizable figure in his homeland. He told a story about returning from Madrid to his hometown in El Palmar, Spain, after claiming the title and unexpectedly meeting fans at a secluded restaurant.

“When I was coming back from Madrid we stopped at a place to eat, a secluded place and there weren’t many people, but they all knew me,” he said. “That’s when you realize how well known you are becoming. That in a remote place, in a restaurant that is on the outskirts, almost all the people who are there recognize you makes you realize it.

“Little by little it is costing me more, but for now I am doing well.”

High hopes for a long run with coach Juan Carlos Ferrero

The 19-year-old Spaniard, who became the first player to ever defeat Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic at the same clay-court event last week in Madrid, spoke about the strong connection he experiences with his coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, and expressed desire to work with him throughout his career.

“For me he is super valuable,” he said. “He experienced it with his coaches, with Toni (Antonio Martínez) and Samuel López, who have been together all their lives. And being there all your life is super special; It’s what I’m looking for. Juan Carlos took me when he was 15 years old, when I was still playing in juniors. I hope to grow with him and finish my entire career together; it would be super special. In the end, that is what I like: I am a very down-to-earth boy, very familiar, who likes to be with his family.”

What would Alcaraz take from the Big 3 and why?

Alcaraz says he would like to have a mix of elements from the big three, starting with the legendary fighting spirit of Rafael Nadal.

“I think I would take Rafa’s fighting spirit, never giving up, never giving up on a ball, sacrificing himself, working hard,” he said. “If I have to train three hours, I train three hours at 200 percent intensity. For Federer, the elegance, the variety of strokes and tennis that he can display in a match. And to Djokovic the elasticity and the physique that he has.”

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