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Benoit Paire starring in a web-series produced by a brand of chickpea-based aperitif biscuits

The Frenchman has teamed up with the PAPA Chiche brand for a six-episode web series broadcast on the brand’s Instagram account

Benoit Paire Instagram

Benoît Paire and a brand of chickpea-based aperitif biscuits is perhaps the most unexpected collaboration since the partnership between Francis Cabrel and Bigflo and Oli.

The Avignon native has been appearing regularly on PAPA Chiche’s Instagram account since mid-January and the reason is now known. A six-episode web series with the former world No 18, broadcast every Wednesday on the brand’s Instagram account, has been launched.


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The script of the series is difficult to read for the moment, but the Frenchman plays with the image that is often associated with him. He joins a support group to help him calm down his excesses of anger, a nervousness he doesn’t seem to be aware of.

This is not the first time Paire has proved his self-deprecation, he has already agreed to portray himself in this way in a few commercials in the past and has launched his own textile brand in collaboration with Celio where some of the most striking phrases of his career can be found on different t-shirts such as “la cha…..”, “santé Marion” or “libérez moi”.

Benoît Paire à l'entraînement
Benoît Paire à l’entraînement / © Antoine Couvercelle, Panoramic

On the court, the 33-year-old’s start to the 2023 season has been complicated. He failed to qualify for the Australian Open and has since lost in the first round of two tournaments in Tenerife and Quimper.

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