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ATP Finals announces record prize money of $14.75 million

An undefeated winner would take home more money than any other champion in tennis history

Alexander Zverev at the 2021 ATP Finals in Turin Alexander Zverev at the 2021 ATP Finals in Turin Image Credit: AI/ Reuters/ Panoramic

This year’s ATP Finals in Turin will offer prize money of $14.75 million, a record for any non-Grand Slam event.

The ATP announced a 103 percent rise in prize money on the 2021 event, and a 64 percent increase on the 2019 event, the last before the Covid-19 pandemic forced the Tour to offer reduced prize money.

The event is the biggest ever for a non-Grand Slam event, outstripping the $14 million offered by the WTA Finals in Shenzhen. An unbeaten champion at the eight-man event would win $4,740,300, also a record individual amount for any event.

Participation fee$320,000
Round-Robin match win$383,300
Semi-final match win$1,070,000
Final win$2,200,400
Undefeated champion$4,740,300

The APT Finals will take place in Turin from November 13 to November 20.

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