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Thomas Johansson and David Goffin break up for the second time

David Goffin, after four straight first-round exits late in 2020, has announced his break-up with his coach Thomas Johansson today.

David Goffin with Thomas Johansson looking on David Goffin with Thomas Johansson looking on

After reuniting in early 2019, the pair will break up again upon a slew of unsatisfactory results on Goffin’s end. Both the Belgian and Johansson announced the split on social media.

Goffin had an abysmal stretch of run late in 2020. After reaching the round of 16 in the US Open, the Belgium swung and missed on the first round in four straight tournaments (Rome, Roland-Garros, Antwerp and Paris).

Johansson served in the Goffin team back in 2016, and became his full-time head coach early on in 2019 and saw his protege make it into the top 10 in 2020.

Johansson didn’t hold back on his disappointment toward Goffin with his struggles in confidence, stating “The global context is difficult for sure, but I can’t understand why David is paralysed. Players are privileged, they can do what they love, they earn money. Rest of people are denied everything,” in an interview with Sudpresse Sports.

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