‘We’ll have to listen to Tsitsipas and tennis dad’ – Dan Evans won’t watch Netflix documentary

There’s at least one person who won’t be glued to this upcoming show

Dan Evans Tennis – ATP 500 – Vienna Open – Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria – October 28, 2022 Britain’s Dan Evans reacts during his quarter final match against Canada’s Denis Shapovalov (AI/Reuters/Panoramic)

Dan Evans says he won’t be watching any of the forthcoming Netflix documentary about the tennis tour, Break Point.

And he described the series – which draws on behind-the-scenes footage filmed throughout the season – as “predictable”, adding a particular dig at Stefanos Tsitsipas and his father Apostolos.

“You could have handpicked who they were going to choose,” Evans said ahead of the Battle of the Brits exhibition, with his comments reported by The Times.

“It is so predictable. You want to hear what Rafa [Nadal] has got to say when he had to pull out of Wimbledon. We’ll have to listen to Tsitsipas and a tennis dad. There’s always going to be a tennis dad in there, isn’t there? It’s not for me. It’s all acted, you can see it. Come on.”

Evans: No problem with Salisbury

Evans also had words to say about Britain’s Davis Cup captain Leon Smith, whose decision to pick doubles specialist Joe Salisbury ahead of him drew his ire earlier in the year.

But he insisted that he had no problem with Salisbury – who will be his team-mate this week.

“It’s not personal,” Evans said. “If somebody told me to go on the court I wouldn’t say no. It’s not his [Salisbury’s] decision to not put himself on the court. He’s told to go on the court and it would be weird if he thought he’s not the best person to do the job. He’s a competitor. That’s what he should do, to compete.

“In tennis we take everything so, so personally. Have you never had something bad said about you? I was just simply saying, ‘I didn’t think somebody did their job very well.’”

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