Latest twist in Australian Open plans: Victoria’s Premier: “We won’t apply for an exemption for any unvaccinated player”

With around 30 percent of players currently unvaccinated, Daniel Andrews’ words would mean that many players will not be able to play in Melbourne next year

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Confusion still reigns for unvaccinated players hoping to play at the Australian Open in January.

But if it’s down to the government of Victoria, they will not be allowed in to the country.

While Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, said on Wednesday that unvaccinated players would be welcome provided they go through 14 days of quarantine, as all players had to do in 2020, provided they are granted exemptions by the state of Victoria.

But later Wednesday, the Premier of the state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, then said that they would not be asking for exemptions.

“I want to be very clear with every Victorian, my government won’t be applying for an exemption for any unvaccinated player,” Andrews said, as quoted by The Guardian.

“I am not going to ask and require people sitting in the grandstand, people working at the event to be vaccinated while players aren’t. We’re not going to be applying an exemption. Therefore the issue is basically resolved.”

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews during Question time in 2020 – Icon/SMI Panoramic

The ATP told Tennis Majors that around 65 percent of players have been fully vaccinated while a similar percentage of WTA players are also double-jabbed.

The statement from Daniel Andrews comes a few days after the ATP emailed players saying that fully vaccinated players would receive far greater freedoms in 2022 than those who are not.

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