Moutet’s coach calling for a revenge in fans pressure before Jarry’s match-up

Petar Popovic, Corentin Moutet’s coach, hopes that “hell awaits” Nicolas Jarry as a payback for a hostile atmosphere in Santiago a few weeks ago

Corentin Moutet, 2024 Corentin Moutet, 2024 | © Chryslène Caillaud / Panoramic

Simonne-Mathieu is probably the most charming and most intimate stadium at Roland-Garros, and on Sunday evening, it could become very edgy on the court, when the home crowd favorite Corentin Moutet meets Nicolas Jarry, of Chile (first round).

Just a few weeks ago, the two played at Jarry’s home tournament in Santiago. It didn’t go smoothly, to say the least – the partisan crowd often stepped over the line, although Moutet managed to win in the end.

One of the witnesses to this controversial encounter was Moutet’s coach Petar Popovic, who did not like the way Jarry comported himself.

“The fans (in Santiago) were behaving like a bunch of animals, Popovic told Tennis Majors. “The worst possible behavior you can get at a tennis match. It was like football, they insulted Corentin non-stop. They swore at him between points, they booed or whistled as he was about to serve.”

When (Corentin) went to the toilet after the first set, some fans even threatened him. Then I had to threaten them, so they changed their tune.

Petar Popovic, Corentin Moutet’s coach

There was no need to ask further questions, Popovic went on:

“When (Corentin) went to the toilet after the first set, some fans even threatened him. Then I had to threaten them, so they changed their tune. Really ugly atmosphere to play in, and we basically had two-three members of security, around 65 years old, by us.”

“Jarry’s father was really nice, he tried to calm the fans, to explain to them that it’s not the right way to behave, but Jarry should have behaved like a true host, he should’ve taken the microphone and say: ’Don’t do that, don’t curse at him, don’t boo as he tosses the ball’. Jarry should have stepped up there, but not only that he didn’t to that, he tried to give a lesson to Moutet at the net by telling him ’patetico’ (pathetic). The next day, we played against Tabilo, also a Chilean, and he did all the right things.”

That is why Popovic is looking for a revenge of sorts on Sunday.

“All in all – Sunday, he (Jarry) is fu**ed! He made his own bed. We won that match in Santiago, but we were so disgusted with everything that we even had a conversation: ’When he comes to Paris, there will be hell waiting’. And I really hope that the hell will await, so that Jarry grows sick of tennis at least for a few weeks.”

“Tennis-wise, it’s a complicated first round, Jarry played really great in Rome (he reached the final, editor’s note), but we’ll see,” concluded Popovic.

On Sunday, matches on Simonne Mathieu stadium begin at 11.00 AM CET, and the match between Moutet and Jarry is the last one scheduled, with Andrey Rublev – Taro Daniel, Laura Siegemund – Sofia Kenin and Chloe Paquet – Diana Shnaider playing before. 

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