Ivanisevic happy to have best seat in the house as Djokovic racks up more and more records

Novak Djokovic’s coach believes he could even play on as long as 2028

Goran Ivanisevic US Open 2023 JB Autissier / Panoramic

There are times during Novak Djokovic‘s matches that being in his support box can feel like a difficult place to be but for coach Goran Ivanisevic, no matter what is thrown his way, it’s the best seat in the house.

The Croat, who famously won Wimbledon in 2001 as a rank outsider after slipping down the rankings (having been a three-time runner-up), said Djokovic will not stop until he thinks he’s won everything he has.

“It’s a pity, (at) Wimbledon, one, two points, up and down, he could have all four (slams in a year),” Ivanisevic told reporters after Djokovic’s three-set win over Daniil Medvedev in the US Open final which put him level with Margaret Court at the top of the all-time list with 24 slams.

“Let’s not be spoiled, you know. He achieved something amazing. He came here and made 24 Grand Slams. Still hungry, still breaking records, still playing unbelievable tennis. It’s just nice to watch from up there. Just have a good seat and enjoying myself.

“He’s a genius. He’s one of kind. Not too many people in this world like him in sport-wise.”

“It’s always one more, something more”

Ivanisevic said nothing Djokovic does actually surprises him because he knows how hard he works, how Djokovic leaves no stone unturned, always looking for another way to improve, even at 36.

“I’m not surprised,” he reiterated. “He’s just enjoying, he likes the challenges. Like you ask me 25, yeah, if he wins 25, he’s going to think, If I win 25, why not 26? It’s always one more, something more.

“He’s taking care of his body, he’s taking care of everything, every single detail has to be perfect, prepared. He’s never happy on the court. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, not good for us (smiling).

“Generally…he wants more and more. That’s why he wants to everything perfect to be on the court, on the practice, and that’s why he has unbelievable results.

“He’s a born winner. For him, when you tell him he cannot do something, it’s even worse. Then he’s going to show you that he can do it. It’s no excuses. He always try to find a way how to win, how to fight, even when he’s not feeling well, injured, not injured.”

No signs Djokovic wants to stop just yet

And Ivanisevic said it’s possible Djokovic could even play on until 2028, when the Olympic Games will be held in Los Angeles.

“I don’t think so,” he said, of any possibility Djokovic might call it a day once he’s won 25 slams. “No, no, he’s planning to play Olympic Games in Los Angeles. When is this, 2028? You know what’s going in his head. It’s like (in) 24 hours (there will be) something to achieve. So I don’t think so.”

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