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Tsitsipas’ Hat-trick – Highlights from UTS Day 3 Day Session

Relive all action from Saturday’s Ultimate Tennis Showdown day session!

Stefanos Tsitsipas, UTS 2020 Stefanos Tsitsipas, UTS 2020

This Day session is over. Thanks for having followed us. Congratulations to Benoît Paire, David Goffin and Dustin Brown on three clean wins. Let’s meet at 9 pm for Day 3 night session with two matches coming up:

  • 9 pm CET: Feliciano Lopez “The Torero” vs Matteo Berrettini “The Hammer”
  • 10.15 pm CET: Dominic Thiem “Domi” vs Richard Gasquet “The Virtuoso”

Follow Today’s UTS Night Session Live

Match 3: Dustin Brown “The Artist” vs Stefanos Tsitsipas “The Greek God”

Tsitsipas – Brown 12-14, 18-13, 16-11, 14-11

QUARTER 4, MATCH: TSITSIPAS, 14-11  – The Greek God completes the hat trick. Third win from three for Stefanos Tsitsipas!

13-9 TSITSIPAS – Clean move from the Grek God as he steals serve at 11-9. He has used the card to perfection today.

8-7 TSITSIPAS – Tsitsipas fins the winner using his “x3” UTS card and takes the lead.

7-5 BROWN – The German uses both of his cards. He can’t make a first serve in four points but wins three of them.

4-4 – The Artist creating again with a drop shot winner.

2-0 BROWN – A couple of Tsitsipas mistakes gives Brown an early lead

QUARTER 3 GOES TO TSITSIPAS, 16-11 – A poor start cost Brown the quarter, with Tsitsipas playing better and better.

15-9 TSITSIPAS – Two more winners from the world No 6. That surely secures the quarter for him as there is one minute to go and Brown has already used his cards.

13-9 TSITSIPAS – The Greek God responds with two big first serves.

11-9 TSITSIPAS – Two good serves for Brown.

11-7 TSITSIPAS – The Greek steals serve but it proves ineffective as the German wins both points.

11-5 TSITSIPAS – DreddyTennis produces a couple of beautiful returns.

5-1 TSITSIPAS – The Greek God is serving very well.

1-0 TSITSIPAS – The German is highly unhappy with a line call.

“I usually play quite well when I am pissed”, admitted Tsitsipas at the changeover


17-12 TSITSIPAS – The Artist making The Artist things.

“Approach, come to the net”, says Apostolos to his son during a coaching time out.

13-5 TSITSIPAS – Tsitsipas’s level of play has risen significantly. The Greek is enjoying a strong lead now in this second quarter.

8-4 TSITSIPAS – 3-pointer from Brown with an ace. But he then looks for another one and double-faults.

5-0 TSITSIPAS – The Greek takes the lead with four clean winners. He is converting his angriness to his tennis.

“I was too passive on my serve”, says Stefanos Tsitsipas at the change over.


13-12 BROWN – Too good from Dustin Brown. The German stole serve at the very best moment. What a comeback from the Artist.

12-10 TSITSIPAS – Great athleticism from Tsitsipas on a Brown drop shot.

9-8 TSITSIPAS – Magnificent sliced ace from Dustin Brown. It gives him 3 points as he used his “x3” card.

9-5 TSITSIPAS – The Greek God wins four points in a row.

5-5 – Dustin Brown bringing the show. What a couple of winners from the unpredictable German. Absolutely stunning!

5-3 TSITSIPAS – As he promised, the Greek is playing aggressive tennis and takes the lead.

2-2 – Both players holding their serve to start the match.

The last match of today’s day session promise to be full of great shots. Stay tuned.


Match 2: Alexei Popyrin “The Sniper” vs David Goffin “The Wall”

Goffin wins 20-9, 21-6, 13-11, 15-10

David Goffin gets his first win of UTS. That is the first 4 quarter to love win in UTS history.


15-10 GOFFIN – Goffin is prevailing at the end of this quarter. What a performance from the world No 10 in this match.

11-10 GOFFIN – Great fight between these two in this quarter. Some beautiful rallies.

8-8 – Lovely play from the Belgian who continues to dictate play in this match.

6-4 POPYRIN – Popyrin is fighting back!

2-0 GOFFIN – Goffin is aiming to be the first man to win a match four quarters to love.

“I have to relax”, says Popyrin


12-10 GOFFIN – Goffin is taking the lead with a couple of winners. Beautiful stuff.

  • Goffin’s coach has been taking a time-out and advising him to play more aggressive.

8-8 – “The wall” is back.

7-5 POPYRIN – The world No 103 is gaining momentum.

4-4 – Popyrin steals serve efficiently to level proceedings.

3-1 GOFFIN – A couple of unforced error from Popyrin, who almost started to break his racket here.

QUARTER 2 GOES UNQUESTIONABLY TO GOFFIN – What a 10-minute of tennis by the world No 10

18-6 GOFFIN – Winner after winner after winner. The Belgian is getting better and better. After a superb return, he hit two clean first serves.

14-6 GOFFIN –  Goffin “The wall” making an unforced error for the first time in a while.

12-4 GOFFIN – The Belgian scores another 3-pointer with a good volley winner.

8-4 GOFFIN – Goffin just playing too good.

3-2 GOFFIN – Goffin is everywhere. The world No 10 is acting up to his nickname.

2-0 POPYRIN – Two lovely winners from Popyrin who comes up refreshed in this quarter.

“He barely missed a ball and I missed too much”, analyzed Popyrin at the change-over. 

QUARTER 1 GOES TO GOFFIN – It has been a flawless quarter from the Belgian. 

19-9 GOFFIN – Third ace of the quarter for Goffin, serving very very well.

16-8 GOFFIN – David Goffin is being too solid and this quarter is been all Goffin.

13-7 GOFFIN – 3-pointer for David Goffin! Clean forehand winner. Goffin is dictating play at the moment.

8-4 GOFFIN – Few errors from Popyrin who doesn’t seems very comfortable.

3-3 – Both players are playing very aggressive tennis in the first points of this match.

 Next up is Popyrin vs Goffin. It is their first-ever meeting. The Australian is 2-0 in UTS. The Belgian is 0-2. He needs to win. 

Match 1: Corentin Moutet “The Tornado vs Benoit Paire “The Rebel”

Benoit Paire wins 11-17, 17-12, 15-14, 14-13

Benoît Paire, UTS 2020


14-13 PAIRE – Benoit Paire steals serve at 13-13 and hit a big serve to wins the quarter and the match. He let a ball fall from his pocket to let the clock run.

12-10 PAIRE – Super tight quarter. Paire takes the lead. 2 minutes left.

9-9 – Very smart use of the “-1 serve” by Moutet as Paire loses both points with unforced errors.

6-6 – Moutet is back at deuce

3-1 PAIRE – Great tweener from Corentin Moutet but Paire proved vigilant at the net.

2-0 PAIRE – Two big serves from a very relaxed Benoit Paire. Impressive.


15-14 PAIRE – What an end to a quarter. Paire steals it with a forehand winner!! Incredible. Moutet will have to check his backpacker.

14-14 – What a turnaround from Benoit Paire once again! At 14-12, Moutet did an underarm serve which proved ineffective.

13-9 MOUTET – Down 13-7 with 3 minutes to go, Paire steals serve and wins a couple of points with winners. Very clever move.

9-3 MOUTET – Benoit Paire overcooks again at the net when using the x3 card.

3-0 MOUTET – Moutet takes the lead thanks to a Paire’s sleepy start.


15-10 PAIRE – Absolutely amazing point from Corentin Moutet: he produced two tweeners and a stunning finish!

15-10 PAIRE – Paire uses his two cards in a row but doesn’t big take advantage of them

11-4 PAIRE –  Funny scene. Moutet is speaking with Benoit Paire’s coach during the coaching time out instead of Paire. The coach advises him to go to the backhand, Benoit’s favourite shot. Moutet does so and wins the point.

9-3 PAIRE – “The tornado” Moutet uses his winner count 3 UTS card and nearly got the pick up twice with a serve and volley.

5-1 PAIRE – Paire concluding at the net again.

2-0 PAIRE – Paire coming to the net and finishing with a volley on both points.

  • Paire saying to commentators that he felt something in his shoulder during the end of the quarter. He got treatment.


14-9 MOUTET – As he promised, Paire uses his serves and volleys on both occasions when using his “x3” card. But he can’t produce a winner.

13-7 MOUTET – Moutet enjoys a six-point lead and there are 3 minutes to go.

10-6 – Moutet uses his “-1” UTS card and it worked absolutely well as Paire misses both serves and loses two points. Incredible.

5-4 MOUTET – First backhand winner by Benoit Paire! Brilliant.

1-0 MOUTET – The first point of the day goes to Corentin Moutet. His first ever in UTS.

Ultimate Tennis Showdown continues!

Welcome to Tennis Majors where you can follow Saturday’s Ultimate Tennis Showdown day session live. Today’s Day 3 schedule features three matches.

Thiem vs Gasquet, Lopez vs Berrettini & others: Preview of Day 3 clashes

  • 4 pm CET: Corentin Moutet “The Tornado vs Benoit Paire “The Rebel”
  • 5.15 pm CET: Alexei Popyrin “The Sniper” vs David Goffin “The Wall”
  • 6.30 pm CET: Dustin Brown “The Artist” vs Stefanos Tsitsipas “The Greek God”

Watch the matches live on !


  • 9 pm CET: Feliciano Lopez “The Torero” vs Matteo Berrettini “The Hammer”
  • 10.15 pm CET: Dominic Thiem “Domi” vs Richard Gasquet “The Virtuoso”


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