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Gasquet and Lopez Produces Major Upsets – Highlights from UTS Day 3 Night Session

Follow Saturday’s Ultimate Tennis Showdown night session live, featuring a Dominic Thiem vs Richard Gasquet clash! Matches begin at 9:00 PM CET. Enjoy the show!

It is the end of a very entertaining night of tennis at the Mouratoglou Academy. Feliciano Lopez and Richard Gasquet have produced major upsets, defeating respectively the world No 8 and the world No 3.

See you tomorrow for more live tennis, like never before.

Match 5: Dominic Thiem “Domi” vs Richard Gasquet “The Virtuoso”

Gasquet beats Thiem 15-10, 15-12, 15-11, 14-17

One week after being one point away from defeating the world No 6 Stefanos Tsitsipas, Richard Gasquet prevails against the world No 3 Dominic Thiem, after a majestic display.

THIEM WINS QUARTER 4, 17-14 – The world No 3 wins his first quarter in UTS. Gasquet played slightly less aggressive and Thiem made the most of it. Still, it is the Frenchman that prevails having won the first three quarters. What a performance from The Virtuoso. 

16-14 THIEM – Gasquet has stolen Thiem’s serve and has the opportunity to come back to 15 all but he double-faults.

15-14 THIEM – Great fightback from Richard Gasquet.

14-10 THIEM – It is Gasquet’s turn to use his “x3” UTS card but he can’t hit a winner.

13-9 THIEM – Domi is serving a lot better than in the first three quarters and earns 3 points thanks to an ace.

9-7 THIEM – The Austrian hits a couple of big first serve and edges ahead. 

6-4 GASQUET – Clean forehand winner from Gasquet. “Bravo”, says Thiem. Can the Frenchman goes for a four-quarter to love win?

4-4 – The rhythm has slowed in the beginning of this quarter.

“I did not go to bed too late, I did not drink too much”, jokes Gasquet to the commentators about his birthday celebrations. 

QUARTER 3 AND MATCH, GASQUET! – Stunning stuff from The Virtuoso who earns his second UTS win, against the top-ranked player of the competition. 

15-11 GASQUET – 17th unforced errors from Domi. That’s too much against the in-form Virtuoso.

12-10 GASQUET – Clean ace from Domi and he earns 3 points.

11-7 GASQUET – No 3-pointer from the Frenchman but the Austrian can’t return his serves.

9-7 GASQUET – Brilliant response from Domi!! That is monstrous.

9-5 GASQUET – Thiem is furious about himself. he just missed a couple of returns.

6-2 GASQUET – The Frenchman wins 4 points in a row, with notably a great crosscourt backhand coming forward.

2-2 – Thiem fights back and takes both Gasquet’s point of serve. He is now the one dictating the pace.

2-0 GASQUET – Gasquet is one quarter away from a huge upset and he knows that. He is coming forward.

GASQUET WINS QUARTER 2 15-12! – Prodigious from the Frenchman. He produces outstanding tennis. 

14-12 GASQUET – Both players play aggressive tennis and come to the net.

12-10 GASQUET – The world No 3 hits an ace and scores 3 points thanks to his UTS card. Clean move.

11-6 GASQUET – The Virtuoso makes the most of his “x3” card with an inside out forehand winner.

8-5 GASQUET – Thiem produces on his turn a great cross-court backhand winner. Pure pleasure for tennis fans.

7-4 GASQUET – Another magnificent backhand down the line from Gasquet.

6-2 GASQUET – Amazing backhand winner down the line from the Frenchman!!

4-2 GASQUET – Gasquet is coming forward and it pays off! Great stuff from the world No 50.

2-2 – Dominic Thiem wins the point with a powerful forehand winner.

GASQUET TAKES THE 1st QUARTER 1, 15-10 – Amazing level of play from the Frenchman!

12-7 GASQUET – The Frenchman gives no change to the Austrian to hit a winner. He then takes the card and hits a winner coming forward.

6-5 GASQUET – Thiem is using the angles very well.

4-3 GASQUET – Richard Gasquet is very strong from the baseline.

2-2 – Both players have won their 2 points of serve.

1-0 THIEM – The first point of the match went on for 24 shots. Promising.

Last but not least on centre-court: the clash of backhands between Dominic Thiem and Richard Gasquet. The Frenchman has defeated the Austrian twice, in 2015 and 2017, both on hard courts, to one heavy defeat in late 2019.

Match 4: Feliciano Lopez “The Torero” vs Matteo Berrettini “The Hammer”

Lopez beats Berrettini 14-10, 14-8, 12-11, 16-13

The Torero topples the Hammer. Berrettini just suffers his first UTS loss.

QUARTER 4 – Feliciano Lopez surprisingly wins four quarter to love. Things have gone the Spaniard’s way tonight. He produced a tactical masterpiece. 

14-11 LOPEZ – Berrettining going from aces to double-faults…

9-7 LOPEZ – Another brilliant serve and volley by Feliciano Lopez. Is that man 38?

7-7 – Very strange atmosphere in this match now.

4-2 LOPEZ – Beautiful backhand volley from the Spaniard. Feliciano Lopez has been on form tonight.

QUARTER 3 FINALLY GOES TO LOPEZ, SO HE WON THE MATCH – Fourth quarter will still be played for set-average purpose. 

12-11 LOPEZ – Controversial scenes on centre court. Berrettini wanted to serve but Lopez took his time. The Italian is not happy at all and it is understandable. The rule says the returner must adapt to the server’s pace…

10-10 – Berrettini is back thanks to powerful groundstrokes.

“When you serve, remember to take your time you have 15 secondes”, says Marc Lopez to Feli during a coaching time-out. 

6-4 LOPEZ – The world No 56 is taking the lead again in this quarter.

3-3 – Berrettini not living up his nickname on his serve. He doubles-fault.

1-0 BERRETTINI – What a rally to start the quarter. Berrettini wins it. “Qué buena”, says the Spaniard.

“I am not serving well, I am a little bit in a rush. I need to calm. I am also struggling to see at night”, says Berrettini at the changeover. 

FELI LOPEZ SEIZES THE 2nd QUARTER, 14-8 – The Spaniard handle The Hammer ball very well and lead two quarter to love. 

13-6 LOPEZ – Three points lost in a row on his own serve by “The Hammer” Berrettini. He does not find the rhythm.

10-6 LOPEZ – The Spaniard uses his “x3” card. he can’t deliver a winner but wins both points with great first serves. Solid stuff.

6-2 LOPEZ – 6 unforced errors for Berrettini to one to Lopez. The Spaniard is playing more consistent.

4-1 LOPEZ – Lopez is chipping away thanks to with sliced backhand Berrettini have a lot of trouble to cope with.

QUARTER 1 GOES TO THE SPANIARD, 14-12 – Brilliant from Lopez!! Wins it with a backhand volley. What a start from the 38 years old

11-11 – The Italian levels up the quarter with two big serves. Not cards lefts

11-9 LOPEZ – The Spaniard’s sliced backhand is putting Berrettini into a lot of trouble.

9-9 – Lopez very close from hinting a 3-pointer but he proves unlucky. He wins both points still and is back to deuce.

7-5 BERRETTINI – The world No 8 is gaining momentum and just hit a couple of passing shots winners.

6-4 LOPEZ – Slow start from Berrettini. Lopez takes the lead.

0-0 – Feliciano Lopez, who is looking for his second UTS win, start serving.

Here we go for tonight’s session.


A thrilling night of tennis at Ultimate Tennis Showdown!

Welcome to Tennis Majors where you can follow Saturday’s Ultimate Tennis Showdown night session live. Today’s Day 3 schedule features two matches.

  • 9 pm CET: Feliciano Lopez “The Torero” vs Matteo Berrettini “The Hammer”
  • 10.15 pm CET: Dominic Thiem “Domi” vs Richard Gasquet “The Virtuoso”

Watch the matches live on !

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