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Berrettini and Paire too good – Highlights from UTS Day 1 Day Session

Follow Monday’s day session of Ultimate Tennis Showdown live! Matches begin at 4:00 PM CET. Enjoy the show!

UTS1 - Day 2: David Goffin vs David Berrettini UTS1 – Day 2: David Goffin vs David Berrettini

Day 2 day session is over. Benchetrit won in the sudden death against his fellow countryman Pouille. Then Benoit Paire produces a very solid performance to beat his good friend Dustin Brown. To finish, Matteo Berrettini got a stunning win over Goffin. We got three entertaining matches. The quality of tennis rose significantly today. See you soon for the night session. 

Match 3: David Goffin “The Rebel” vs Matteo Berrettini “The Hammer”

Berrettini beats Goffin 13-12, 20-8, 18-9, 11-12

12-11 GOFFIN – The fourth quarter goes to Goffin as he wins the deciding point. Berrettini wins three quarters to one.

11-11 – Both players playing in a very relaxed way now.

7-4 GOFFIN – The Belgian also mixes up his game and goes for some sliced backhands more often.

5-3 GOFFIN – High-quality tennis between the world No 9 and the world No 10. “The wall” Goffin is more regular now.


18-9 BERRETTINI –  What a performance from the Italian! Berrettini is stronger physically speaking. He produces magic with his forehand. He wins this third quarter and the match! That is the first time in UTS history it happens. The fourth quarter will be played for the purpose of set average.

14-8 BERRETTINI – Pure brilliance from Berrettini! He strikes a 3-point winner with a passing shot after such a good point by Goffin. “Wow!” the Italian shouts. He then goes on with an ace. 6 points in 2 for the third time of the day. Amazing.

8-8 –  Goffin utilizes his “Winners counts 3”

6-3 BERRETTINI – The Italian is aptly named The Hammer. He just struck some very heavy forehands to turn the score. He notably won a superb 21-point rally.

2-0 GOFFIN – The Belgian takes advantage of the new balls.


20-8 BERRETTINI – This time, Berrettini uses his “Winner counts 3” card on his own serve. And he makes it so profitable! He earns 6 points thanks to an ace and a magnificent drop shot. He has deserved to win the second quarter.

14-7 BERRETTINI – Oops. An overhead from “the Hammer” Berrettini goes directly into the playing surround.

11-6 BERRETTINI – Both players are trying to play very aggressive tennis. World No 8 Berrettini is more solid in this quarter.

5-3 BERRETTINI – The Belgian plays his “Winner count 3” UTS card. He can’t make a winner but wins both points.

3-1 BERRETTINI – Goffin double faults again and angrily smashes a ball outside the court. We are not used to it from the world No 9

  • “It is too fast, I don’t know what was happening”, admits the Italian to the commentators


13-12 BERRETTINI – Wow. Leading all the way in this quarter, David Goffin double faults on the deciding point and Berrettini prevails.

12-12 – What a clever use of the “Steal the serve card” by the Italian. He fires good first serves and levels the quarter.

12-8 GOFFIN – On his turn, the Belgian uses his “Winner count 3” UTS card. He could not hit a winner but won both points.

9-7 GOFFIN – Surprisingly, Berrettini uses his “Winner count 3” UTS card returning. It does not work as Goffin fires a good first serve and then a double fault.

8-4 GOFFIN -Goffin steals serve and scores four points in a row!

4-4 – This match is starting on a high tennis level


Match 2: Dustin Brown “The Artist” vs Benoit Paire “The Rebel”

Paire beats Brown 18-19, 17-14, 18-15, 21-12

Dustin Brown and Benoît Paire, UTS 2020


23-12 PAIRE – The world No 22 in full control. He gets another three points with an ace. “The rebel” gets his first UTS wins. Next up next Saturday against Lucas Pouille.

14-4 PAIRE – The momentum is definitely in favour of the Frenchman at the moment. He smashes two aces.

10-4 PAIRE – Brown is having a time out this time. The German used his “Winner count 3” UTS card but could not make a winner.

7-3 PAIRE – Paire’s coach tells him to take more time between points.

6-2 PAIRE – The Frenchman is entering “the zone”. He produces superb drop shot, forehand and backhand winners.


  • “Do you have something to drink for me to celebrate this?”, Paire jokes.

18-15 PAIRE  – Paire secures the quarter his an ace counting for 3 points. Well played.

14-12 PAIRE – That worked well for the Frenchman. 4 points in a row and he is leading now!

12-10 BROWN – Morgan Bourbon requires a coaching time out to urge his player to steal the serve.

8-7 BROWN – Down 2-7, the world No 22 fights back brilliantly.

3-1 BROWN – Paire double-faulting then firing an ace. Unpredictable.

  • Nice moment at the changeover. “Dustin Brown has a very strange game”, Paire tells the commentators. “It’s funny coming from him”, answers Dustin Brown.


19-14 PAIRE – The Frenchman is managing his lead wisely. He levels up the match. One quarter apiece.

12-6 PAIRE – Paire is pulling out big first serves.

7-3 PAIRE – Benoit “The rebel” Paire keeps rebelling. He used his “Winner count 3” UTS card but could not produce a winner again. Both players smiling to each other as Benoit Paire is saying Brown he wants to fire an ace.

2-0 PAIRE – Exquisite drop shot from Benoit Paire!

  • I feel much better today than yesterday, I am really confident about this match”, says Paire.


19-18 BROWN – Huge effort from Benoit Paire to come back to 18-18 but Brown takes the quarter coming to the net. What an entertaining finish! The “Winner count 3” UTS card has been the key in this quarter. 

15-12 BROWN – Paire is fighting back! His coach helped him to resettle with a time out.

10-4 BROWN – Incredible! 6 points in 2! Brown making the most of his “Winner count 3” UTS card with an ace and an exquisite retro volley. 

4-4 – … and now making unforced errors. But both try to be very aggressive.

2-2 – Both players bringing in winners to start the match.


Match 1: Lucas Pouille “The French Flair” vs Elliot Benchetrit “The Underdog”

Benchetrit beat Pouille 16-11, 11-14, 12-14, 15-10, 3-1

Lucas Pouille and Elliot Benchetrit, UTS 2020


Pouille levels things up after facing match points. Benchetrit saving it with an inside out forehand winner. He then takes it all it after a superb rally !! The world No 208 gets his first UTS win. That’s tough for Pouille who suffers a second sudden-death defeat.


14-10 BENCHETRIT – Benchetrit manages well his lead. A even wins a point after a Pouille underarm serve. 2 quarters all. Going all the way, folks!

10-7 BENCHETRIT – Benchetrit winning two points with backhand winners. But Pouille is fightbacking.

6-2 BENCHETRIT – The world No 208 uses “-1 serve” UTS card” very appropriately attacking the return and then forcing Pouille to miss his serve.

3-1 BENCHETRIT – Benchetrit must win this quarter and he knows it. He fires an ace and then forces Pouille to miss.


14-12 POUILLE – Solid play from Lucas Pouille to retain his lead. He takes the third quarter. “Come on”, he shouts. Both players smiling at one another.

13-9 POUILLE – Benchetrit stealing serve and it works well.

12-6 POUILLE – Very efficient move as the ex-world No 10 extends his lead.

10-6 POUILLE – Benchetrit uses his “-1 serve” UTS card but it does not work as Pouille wins both points. Pouille steals serve now.

7-6 POUILLE – Pouille trying to mix up his game with forehand slice but it is not good enough to disturb Benchetrit.

5-4 POUILLE – The 2019 Australian Open semi-finalist is struggling to gain the momentum.

3-0 POUILLE – Benchetrirt is frustrated and makes three unforced errors in a row. That’s a test for him.


14-11 POUILLE – Lucas “The French flair” Pouille turns it around in style! He takes the second quarter. “He robbed me”, shouts Benchetrit. He is unhappy with one of the empire’s decision

10-8 BENCHETRIT – Benchetrit used his “-1 serve” card against Pouille and it proved efficient as Lucas Pouille misses his serve. Before that, we won a magnificent point.

7-7 – Battle of serves here on centre court. Very few rallies.

3-1 BENCHETRIT- Pouille not in the rhythm at all. He makes a couple of unforced errors.

1-1 -Lovely passing shot from Benchetrit

  • “It is a quarter to forget”, admits Pouille to the commentators


16-11 BENCHETRIT – The Underdog takes the first quarter, logically.

16-9 BENCHETRIT – Pouille double faulting again. He is making a poor start.

12-8 BENCHETRIT – Pouille comes back thanks to an ace with a “Winner counts 3” card. But The Underdog is playing better for now.

6-2 BENCHETRIT: Solid start from “The Underdog” Benchetrit who plays his last UTS match today as Dominic Thiem will replace him for the second weekend. Pouille is making some unforced errors.

1-0 POUILLE – the first point of the day goes to Lucas Pouille as a Bencehtrit forehand is too long.

Ultimate Tennis Showdown continues!

Welcome to Tennis Majors where you can follow Monday’s Ultimate Tennis Showdown day session live. Today’s schedule features the games that should have been played on Saturday afternoon and have been postponed due to rain. 

  • Match 1 – 4:00 PM CET: Lucas Pouille “The French Flair” vs Elliot Benchetrit “The Underdog”
  • Match 2 – 5.15 PM CET: Dustin Brown “The Artist” vs Benoit Paire “The Rebel”
  • Match 3 – 6.30 PM CET: David Goffin “The Rebel” vs Matteo Berrettini “The Hammer”

To experience UTS intensity and enjoy the show as if you were at the Mouratoglou Academy, you are at the right place!

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