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Tsitsipas and Popyrin prevailing at home in thrillers – Highlights from UTS Day 2 Night Session

Follow Monday’s night session of Ultimate Tennis Showdown live! Matches begin at 9:00 PM CET. Enjoy the show!

Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Richard Gasquet, UTS 2020 Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Richard Gasquet, UTS 2020

What a great night session! Thanks for having followed us today. UTS will be back on Saturday!

Match 5 – Tsitsipas “The Greek God” vs Richard Gasquet “The Virtuoso”

Tsitsipas beats Gasquet 15-11, 13-14, 15-11, 13-15, 5-3


Tsitsipas serves first as he won more points during the match. He gets a match point thanks to his forehand after an amazing rally. Gasquet saves it with a good first serve. The Greek stays in the match coming to the net and finishing with a nice volley. Richard Gasquet does the same and gets second match point. Tsitsipas saves it stepping into the baseline and finishing with a powerful backhand winner. Gasquet does so to save a third match point. Amazing! The Greek is back at the net to save the match point with an overhead. And the world No 6 wins the match after a rally!! For the first time, the sudden death went on for a while and that proved entertaining.


15-13 GASQUET – No messing around to conclude. Gasquet levels up the match again. We are going the distance for the second time today!!

12-7 GASQUET – The Frenchman fights back!

9-7 GASQUET – Down 9-3, Tsitsipas uses his “x3” UTS card and delivers a magnificent backhand winner down the line!! The 2019 ATP finals winner isn’t done yet in this quarter.

7-2 GASQUET – The world No 50 is building up a solid lead. He just won a super point coming into the net and delivering a classy backhand volley just behind the net.

2-2 – Sensational stuff from the Greek

2-1 GASQUET – He forehand crosscourt battle goes to the Frenchman. He does not want to surrender!


15-11  TSITSIPAS – The Greek God Tsitsipas played big when it mattered most. He notably served really well. He is up 2 quarters to one now.

11-9  TSITSIPAS –  The world No 6 “steals Gasquet’s serve” very appropriately. He wins four points in a row to take the lead.

10-6 GASQUET – Wow! World No 50 Gasquet fires an ace on a second serves as he wanted to enjoy the benefits of the “3x” UTS card he just applied. Clever move.

6-6 – Gasquet is back on track. He just fired a majestic backhand return winner down the line.

3-1 TSITSIPAS – Gasquet coming forward with his backhand to comes back to 1-3.


14-13 GASQUET – Gasquet snicks the quarter and levels up the match!! At 14-14, he comes out with a good first serve. That was a highly entertaining quarter!

12-12 – What an answer from Tsitsipas! He hits an ace when enjoying the benefit of his “x3” UTS card!

12-9 GASQUET – Gasquet gets a 3 pointer as he hit an exquisite backhand winner. On the Tsitsipas serve, he goes on with a brilliant return winner.

7-5 GASQUET – Gasquet with an exquisite drop shot! He is serving really well and leads as we are half-way in this quarter.

3-1 TSITSIPAS – Tsitsipas tries to get into the baseline entering this second quarter. He wins to free points with his serve.


15-11 TSITSIPAS – Forehand winner for Tsitsipas as he used his “x3” card! This gives him the opener.

11-9 TSITSIPAS – A couple of Gasquet unforced error gives Tsitsipas a 3-point lead

8-8 – Gasquet uses his “x3” UTS card but Tsitsipas delivers two great returns and wins both points.

7-5 GASQUET – Ace from The virtuoso Gasquet. Great start to the match from the Frenchman.

4-4 – Easy power from Richard Gasquet. Each players holding their serve point.

2-2 – The one-hand backhand battle is on.

Match 4 –  Feliciano Lopez “The Torero” vs Alexei Popyrin “The Sniper”

Popyrin beats Lopez 13-11, 14-17, 14-13, 15-12

Popyrin - UTS


15-12 POPYRIN – Popyrin prevails! He finishes with an ace. The Australian takes the fourth quarter and wins a highly entertaining match. The Sniper displayed brilliant mental qualities. He fired 30 winners tonight!

14-10 POPYRIN – Remarkable tennis from the world No 103. Lopez x3 point did not affect his momentum.

11-10 LOPEZ Popyrin is playing very well and goes on to win 6 points in a row. Lopez uses his “x3” card and just cashes on as he concludes a point at the net with a winner.

8-8 – Popyrin is back level. He is taking the ball early.

8-4 LOPEZ – Great volley from El Torero Lopez. He goes on with an ace. A good way to cash on his “Steal serve” card. 5min to go.

3-1 LOPEZ – Lopez trades with Popyrin from the baseline and pulls out a brilliant cross court deep backhand to open proceedings.


14-13 POPYRIN What a way to win the quarter! The Sniper coming to the net and finishing with a clean volley.

13-13 Lopez forcing a deciding point. Brilliant! What a comeback.

11-9 POPYRIN – Many mistakes and frustration in the last points from both players.

10-6 POPYRIN – The Australian keeps delivering brutal serve.

8-5 POPYRIN – Brilliant chip and charge from Lopez but Popyrin delivers an outrageously good lob.

4-4 -Lopez using appropriately his “Steal serve” card to level the score.


17-14 LOPEZ – At the time Popyrin seemed to be in control of the quarter Lopez turned it around with a UTS card.

14-10 LOPEZ – Wow! Extraordinary turnaround. 2 clean aces and all of a second Lopez is well ahead thanks to his “x3” UTS card. Fourth times it happens today.

10-8 POPYRIN – The Australian scores 4 points in a row on his serve as he has used wisely his “Steal serve” UTS card.

6-6 – Point of the day! Delightful play from both players.

3-1 POPYRIN – Marc Lopez calls a time out to urge Feliciano to go to the net more often. But Popyrin is serving so well…


13-11 POPYRIN – What a way to close out the quarters! The Australian hits two big serves and takes the opener

11-8 POPYRIN – Popyrin is giving Lopez a taste of his own medicine with serve and volley! He is building up a comfortable lead.

6-6 – Popyrin is serving big. 6 points in a row on serve for both players

4-2 LOPEZ – A lot of baseline rallies in the first few minutes of this match. Lopez is using a lot of sliced backhands.

1-0 LOPEZ – Waouh! Nice rally to start this encounter.

The end of the first weekend of Ultimate Tennis Showdown!

Welcome to Tennis Majors where you can follow Monday’s Ultimate Tennis Showdown night session live. Today’s schedule features the games that should have been played on Saturday night and have been postponed due to rain. 

  • Match 4 – 9:00 PM CET: Feliciano Lopez “The Torero” vs Alexei Popyrin “The Sniper”
  • Match 5 – 10:15 PM CET: Stefanos Tsitsipas “The Greek God” vs Richard Gasquet “The Virtuoso”

To experience UTS intensity and enjoy the show as if you were at the Mouratoglou Academy, you are at the right place!

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