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Tsitsipas : “I was one shot away from winning UTS”

Defeated by Matteo Berrettini in the UTS1 final, Stefanos Tsitsipas was logically disappointed after the match. The Greek God keeps a lot of positive things away from his UTS run. 

Stefanos Tsitsipas, UTS 2020 Stefanos Tsitsipas, UTS 2020

“It is a shame. I was so close. I was one point away from winning the match, actually one shot away from winning UTS”, Stefanos Tsitsipas told Tennis Majors, smiling but disappointed, after his close defeat to Matteo Berrettini in the final of UTS. The Greek God hinted at the point where he had a let in his favour that forced The Hammer to come to the net in sudden death. “At that moment I know the title is one point away. I had the all court opened. I go for the passing shot and he makes a volley in full stretch, a very good volley. I got unlucky. I do not think I could have done something different there, aim a bit higher”, he reflected.

“The only thing I can do now is take my sweet revenge next time”

If I could have played the tennis I played in the last quarter right from the beginning that could have been different”. He somehow forgot that he was actually outplaying Berrettini in the first couple of quarters but that the Italian stole both quarters thanks to the handsome dividends he got form the UTS card “Winners count 3”. “Was I really 9-5 up in the first quarter and 10-4 in the second? Wow. I did not remember that.” The Greek admitted the Italian used the cards better than him on Sunday. “I was just a bit unlucky. It did not work for me, it worked for him“, he told us. “The only thing I can do now is to take my sweet revenge the next time”, he joked.

Trying to make an assessment of his UTS overall, he said: “I am happy, my game is there. I will keep plenty of positive memories from UTS“. “For me, the final was not such a big of a deal”, he tried to convince himself. “I can only learn from that, it was a good test for me. I got nine wins over these five weekends“. The Greek will now enjoy a couple of holidays weeks. He deserved them.

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