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The Tornado Moutet breezes past The Artist Brown to notch second UTS win

Corentin Moutet was a man on a mission as he produced some scintillating exhibition tennis to defeat fellow entertainer Dustin Brown 18-10, 13-10, 20-10, 18-8 and record his second 4-0 win in the Ultimate Tennis Showdown.

Corentin Moutet, UTS 2020 Corentin Moutet, UTS 2020

Corentin Moutet produced some scintillating exhibition tennis to record his second victory of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown, beating fellow entertainer Dustin Brown 18-10, 13-10, 20-10, 18-8.

Moutet came into the match with one win and one loss, with Brown having something of a point to prove with no wins from four matches despite entertaining in his usual manner.

And talking of entertainment, one of the most exciting aspects of this new format of speed tennis so far, and the most important, has been the use of ‘UTS Cards’ that each player is allowed to choose two from four from before the match to give them a specific advantage – should they use them wisely!

The UTS cards

  • -1 serve: Opponent gets one serve instead of two for next two points.
  • Winners count x3: Each winner counts triple.
  • Win in 3 shots max: Opponent forced to win the point with 3 shots or less (serve or return + 2 shots).
  • ‘Steal Serve’: player takes away opponent’s opportunity to serve for two consecutive points

The most popular of the cards so far in the tournament have been Steal Serve and Winners count x3, and it was no surprise when both players again opted for the same. And it was The Artist who was first to utilise his Winner x3 card with the scores tied at 7-7 in the opening ten-minute quarter, with four minutes remaining on the clock.

As can happen in this format, using a card can often work against the player who pushed for too much. And with the court at his mercy, what could have been six points for Brown became two to Moutet, prompting The Artist to play his second card of Steal Serve. But with only one point gained and Moutet still with both cards remaining, the ball was certainly in The Tornado’s court, and he saw out the opener with a Winner x3 to take it 18-10.

“That was good. I’m a bit tired, I have been practicing like an animal during the week,” said Moutet after the first change. “It’s not easy to play against this player because he’s really talented, can play really fast, and he can do good drop shots as well so it’s really tough to adapt.”

Moutet wins rally of the tournament en route to crushing win

The match was dubbed ‘The Drop Shot Party’, and there were plenty as this entertaining match wore on. As was the case in the opening quarter, the scoreline stayed tight until the critical timing of the UTS cards. But again, it was The Tornado who edged the quarter, despite netting a seemingly simple volley for three points.

With matches in UTS being best of four quarters, there was still hope for Brown to level at 2-2 and take it to sudden death. It was exhibition stuff between the two great entertainers, surely one of the rallies of the tournament going to Moutet, when it was impossible to tell who would come out on top.

At 5-9 behind and playing catch-up, The Artist was forced into playing his cards, clawing his way back into the quarter. But it was Moutet who again utilised his cards better, consecutive x3 winners and an outrageous behind the back, drop-serve easing him to victory.

“I’m having so much fun, it’s really nice,” beamed Moutet after his exhibitionist set. “Of course, it’s easier when you’re winning on the score to make those shots, but I’m having so much fun.”

The pressure off, there was no stopping the talented Moutet now as he romped through the final quarter for a 4-0 win, and he will now be a player to be feared in this round-robing format for all yet to play him.

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