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UTS1 Day 7 Preview: Corentin Moutet “The Tornado” vs David Goffin “The Wall”

Corentin Moutet and David Goffin in a crucial matchup for the Final Four qualification. The winner will stay in the race, whereas the loser’s hopes to qualify for the semis will be almost done.

July 3, 2020
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Forget size, it’s the game that matters, and in Saturday’s match-up between The Wall, David Goffin, and The Tornado, Corentin Moutet, tennis fans will see there is more than one way to play the game in the modern era.

The pair stands out among the UTS field, filled with gigantic players, as it became the norm. But Moutet and Goffin aren’t made in that mold.

The Tornado is a true UTS revelation, whose sparky personality, behind the back underarm serves and jaw-dropping tweeners contrast nicely with the methodical, calm and deadly eye of Belgian star Goffin. The innovative UTS format means that Moutet will have the opportunity to create a storm of creativity that might be too much to handle.

Expect some inspiring footwork and stunning shot-making. The rest, we won’t even dare to predict.

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