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Don’t miss the new cult Instagram live with Benoit Paire

Tennis Majors has put together the best of what happened during the Instagram live with Benoit Paire and Nicolas Mahut.

February 7, 2021
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Tennis Majors has put together the best of what happened during the We Are Tennis Instagram live with Nicolas Mahut and Benoit Paire.

“Honestly, I’m bored watching tennis right now. There are a lot of players, I don’t enjoy watching them. Especially without spectators, it’s really sad.” 

“When I was a kid, I never told myself I want to be number one or I want to be in the top 100. I played tennis because I liked it, but I also played soccer and I liked soccer as much, or even more. When I was a kid I thought it was cool but I didn’t see tennis as my future job.”

“At each step I thought to myself: how can I be at this level? I’ve never seen myself as a top 100 player. You know that I stopped playing tennis for a while, I was in an agricultural high school, Tennis was far away from my thoughts because I was getting angry because I no longer had any help from the Federation.” 

“I entered into the top 100, without ever having told myself that my goal is to make a living out of tennis, to do well, to win a Grand Slam. Never. I was already the happiest person in the world when I entered the top 100, it was incredible.”

“I decided to create my own clothing brand. It’s a work in progress. A tennis brand, streetwear, sportswear. Nothing is finalized but it’s something I enjoy doing and working on. Often I am offered t-shirts with “La chatte” or Santé Marion. I will try to create something different, I would like to experiment with my outfits. It will make me feel good. I’m on it. It will be done within the year. I don’t have the name yet. The logo will be a cocktail glass.”

Will you invite Marion to the opening night?

“Yes of course! Marion I love her, I don’t always agree about everything with her but Marion is a girl I love.”

“I was serious, I was listening and then Yannick said: it’s okay, I have the solution. We’re going to play Nadal, he stands far from his baseline, we’re going to do underarm serve.”

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