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VIDEO: “Novak Djokovic is badly advised”

The world No 1 has made some of his views clear – but the Match Points panel think he needs to say more about other issues

February 19, 2022
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The figures

He may not be an “anti-vaxxer” – but Novak Djokovic‘s name and high profile are certainly being used by those who are.

In the latest Match Points, journalist Simon Cambers urged the world No 1 to be a little more outspoken in condemning the “anti-vax” movement – even if he is “anti-vaccine for himself”.

“I don’t think he necessarily realises…he is the poster boy for some of these idiots online who are using him for their own good,” he said. “He needs to realise this. If there was someone giving him advice, they would explain to him to make sure he makes these points absolutely clear. He should know people are using his name to further conspiracy theories and all sorts of stuff.”

Journalist Carole Bouchard added that she still felt uncomfortable with the way events unfolded prior to Djokovic’s deportation from Australia in January. Ultimately the 20-time Grand Slam champion was made to leave the country on the grounds that his presence might prove a rallying point for those campaigning against vaccination.

“In the end, they deported someone for an idea that he hasn’t even put out in the open,” she said.

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic walks in Melbourne Airport before boarding a flight – © Panoramic

Key moments

  • 0.15: Djokovic might not be an “anti-vaxxer”, but he is “anti-vaccine for himself”, says Simon Cambers.
  • 0.26: Djokovic’s name is used by anti-vaxxers in support of their ideas and conspiracy theories, he adds.
  • 0.58: Djokovic was deported from Australia “for an idea”, says Carole Bouchard.
  • 1.15: Bouchard thinks the Djokovic deportation was a politically motivated decision.
  • 1.37: She says that the entire process of allowing Djokovic to enter Melbourne and then deport him was unfair.
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