For players, clothes aren’t just clothes – Alizé Lim

In this interview on The French Insider, host Jenny Drummond talks with Alize Lim about players’ attire and the importance of both looking good and feeling good on the court.

October 2, 2020
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For professional tennis players, what they wear on the court is important. They want to both look good and feel good while they are playing. Of course, they don’t often have a say in the matter. Brands come out with their certain style of clothes several times per year and the players who are sponsored by their brands have to wear those styles on the court.

Host Jenny Drummond talked with Alize Lim about this dynamic on this version of The French Insider.

“The brands give new outfits (for) the next few months to the players. So that’s an exciting time. In the locker room it’s always a very important moment. Everyone looks at each other. ‘Oh, what is it going to be at this tournament? ‘Which outfits are we gonna get?’ It’s a little bit of a surprise for most of them. It could seem very shallow in a way. You could say, “Oh, it’s just clothes.’ But for tennis players it’s really important. You enter the court as a gladiator, and what you’re wearing is gonna affect your confidence and the way you feel on court — and the image you’re gonna give to your opponent, and to the fans.”

Image is everything

With most players unable to choose what they wear, you will often find two opponents facing each other while wearing the exact same shirt, or shits, or skirt, of whatever the case may be. They can look identical!

That sometimes isn’t a problem for top players, because brands are more than happy to come up with customized material for their superstars.

“Every time I see two girls wearing the same outfits playing each other, I feel like they are not allowed to have their own identity,” continued. “Because if they’re signed with the same sponsor then they’re dressed the same like twins. You see Rafael Nadal, who has his own shoes with customized numbers — the numbers of slams. The [best] players can have their identity. It’s something you have to deserve, and it gives you more confidence.”

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