“I won’t be back in singles” – Andy Murray dismisses Djokovic’s challenge

Andy Murray says despite Novak Djokovic’s suggestion, he won’t play singles at Wimbledon again

Andy Murray at Wimbledon in 2024 Andy Murray at Wimbledon in 2024 (Action Plus/Panoramic)

Novak Djokovic has said more than once that he thinks Andy Murray could continue competing in singles if he wanted to – and could give Wimbledon a shot again next year.

But perhaps the three-time Grand Slam champion’s farewell at SW19 on Thursday has finally made him think that the retirement announcement is serious.

More than that, it isn’t necessarily based simply on his physical condition and fitness.

Murray reiterated that in his post-match press conference following his defeat in doubles alongside big brother Jamie, saying: “Before what happened in Miami (when he incurred a left ankle injury), I was starting to play good tennis. At Queen’s, obviously got through the first round there. Like I can still win matches at this level. There’s no question that if, even with the physical issues around the hip, I was still able to compete at the highest level – not as consistently as I would have liked, certainly not having the results I would have wanted.

“I could definitely still win matches here on the grass once I’m recovered from the back injury. But I
don’t want to do that now.

“Yeah, I know I could do it, but I have no plans to play singles again.”

Murray: I always came to work with the same dedication every day

Murray demurred when asked to define his legacy, saying it would be for others to do, but did say: “Regardless of the highs and lows, whether it was winning tournaments, having difficult losses, an operation, a setback, that I was able to treat, like, the next day, like I always came into work with the same dedication, work ethic, and passion, as I had the day before, regardless of the highs and lows that the sport kind of has thrown at me.

“I certainly didn’t always get it right. Like on the match days, I was not perfect by any stretch, but I did always come into work and put in a good day. I gave my best effort.”

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