Rune: “Centre Court at Wimbledon is like another tournament”

Holger Rune says that the Centre Court conditions are unique at Wimbledon 2024.

Holger Rune - Wimbledon 2024 Holger Rune – Wimbledon 2024 © Antoine Couvercelle

After his loss to Novak Djokovic in round four (6-3,6-4, 6-2), Holger Rune admitted that he had trouble adapting to the conditions on Centre Court at Wimbledon. In what promised to be a blockbuster match, Rune, as stated by the Dane himself on his social media, looked like a shadow of his true self.

The tone of the clash was set after Rune lost the first 12 points of the match, with the 7-time Wimbledon champion seeking to assert his dominance from the start.

Speaking on Monday night, the Holger Rune commented that the Centre Court conditions were a stark contrast to those of his previous matches – having played on Court 1, 16, and 18 earlier in the tournament. The Dane stated:

“The Centre Court is extremely different than the other courts. So different, it is like another tournament honestly. The bounce was stopping a lot more, not going through the court much. As I played the first rounds on Court 18, but then I got to play on Court 1. Even Court 1 was a lot different. Again, it’s not an excuse for me losing the match. I had to adjust a little bit. It was very tough for me to find my rhythm in the beginning.”

The Centre Court is extremely different than the other courts. I mean, so different it is like another tournament honestly.

Holger Rune

However, despite this admission, Holger Rune did not perceive the court to be especially slippery, which has been a topic of discussion after slips from Grigor Dimitrov, Alexander Zverev, Novak Djokovic, and others:

“One thing I didn’t think about the Centre Court, it was not very slippery for me. I knew he fell a couple of times. I think I slipped one time, but I didn’t fall, which is good because I think I fell few times in the other matches. So yeah, the courts were okay for me. But for other players, obviously we had slips.”

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