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Wimbledon to distribute £10 million in prize money, end grasscourt seeding formula

There may be no Wimbledon Championships in 2020 but the All England Club announced on Friday that it is to distribute £10 million in prize money between the players who would have been there this year.

Wimbledon was cancelled on April 1 due to the coronavirus pandemic but after consulting with its insurers over the extent of their pandemic insurance, the All England Club said it would use some of that money to help the 620 players who lost out on earnings by not being part of the Championships.

“From an agreed total of £10 million, the AELTC will distribute prize money in lieu of The Championships 2020 with regard for the circumstances of this year and in the spirit of the AELTC’s prize money distribution in recent years,” the All England Club said in a statement.

“Based on world ranking, 224 players who would have competed in Qualifying will each receive £12,500; 256 players who would have competed in Main Draw Singles will each receive £25,000; 120 players who would have competed in Main Draw Doubles will each receive £6,250; 16 players who would have competed in the Wheelchair events will each receive £6,000; and four players who would have competed in the Quad Wheelchair events will each receive £5,000. Players will only receive payment for one event.”

Richard Lewis, the club’s chief executive, said Wimbledon had always wanted to help out those most affected.

“We are pleased that our insurance policy has allowed us to recognise the impact of the cancellation on the players and that we are now in a position to offer this payment as a reward for the hard work they have invested in building their ranking to a point where they would have gained direct entry into The Championships 2020.”

In addition to the players, the All England Club will also make a payment to “the LTA licensed officials who would have worked at The Championships this year, and also a number of International Officials, all highly skilled individuals who are vital to the success of The Championships.”

Grasscourt seeding formula will no longer be used

Wimbledon also announced that the grasscourt seeding formula, which has been used to calculate seedings in the men’s singles since 2002, will no longer be used from 2021.

“Given the quality of competition, entertainment and modern grass courts, following detailed discussion with the player groups, the AELTC has decided that the grass court seeding formula used since 2002 has served its time,” the club said. “From The Championships 2021, seeding for the Gentlemen’s singles draw will be based solely on ranking. There will be no change to the method of seeding for the Ladies’ singles draw.”

The dates for the 2021 were also confirmed, with the Championships due to be held from June 28 to July 11, 2021.

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