Cited in a match-fixing case by the German media ZDF, Basilashvili defends himself: “These accusations have no basis”

Nikoloz Basilashvili and Aslan Karatsev were cited by the German media ZDF in a match-fixing case. The Georgian responded in a statement.

Nikoloz Basilashvili, Rotterdam 2022 Nikoloz Basilashvili, Rotterdam 2022 – © Proshots / Panoramic

A new case of match fixing in tennis has been revealed in recent days by the German media ZDF. The latter, who conducted the investigation and who notably had access to a file from the International Tennis Federation (ITF), notably cited two players from the Top 40, Nikoloz Basilashvili, 25th in the world, and Aslan Karatsev, 40th in the ATP ranking.

Their former coach, Yahor Yatsyk, reportedly offered each money in exchange for the postponement of matches but also for defeats, in particular on a first round in doubles during the ATP 250 tournament in Stuttgart. The ZDF also explains that it is aware of five postponed matches involving Karatsev, with significant and unusual sports betting fluctuations.

During the Roland-Garros tournament in 2020, Karatsev and his former coach Yatsyk were questioned by the police regarding this case. The player was a witness and the Belarusian coach had been placed in police custody.

“I will not accept seeing my name and reputation being severely violated through baseless and absurd accusations.”

Nikoloz Basilashvili

Basilashvili defends himself in a press release

Quoted by the German media ZDF in this case of match fixing, Nikoloz Basilashvili hit back against the accusations. On Thursday, July 14, 2022, the Georgian issued a statement to deny all charges and put his lawyers on the case.

“Last weekend, it came to my attention that media publications in Germany have made mention of my name in connection with allegations of so-called “Match Fixing”. These allegations have no basis at all and I reject them in the strongest possible terms. I will not accept seeing my name and reputation being severely violated through baseless and absurd accusations.

“I therefore demand that such allegations and lies stop immediately and the public, through the media, must be informed that I totally and utterly deny all of these absurd accusations.I have empowered a German law firm to protect my interests and to act in every possible way to fight this extremely damaging misinformation.”

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