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Rublev: ‘I hope there will soon be peace in every country’

Andrey Rublev has been a consistent voice in calling for peace over the last year, and he reiterated that desire in Dubai

Andrey Rublev ATP 500 – Dubai Tennis Championships – The Dubai Duty Free Tennis Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – March 4, 2023 Russia’s Andrey Rublev reacts during his final match against Russia’s Daniil Medvedev (AI/Reuters/Panoramic)

Andrey Rublev used his run to the final in Dubai to once again call for peace in the world.

He has spoken many times in the last year about his wishes for an end to war following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Most recently, after his semi-final win over Alexander Zverev, he told the press: “It’s hard to talk about it because even if you try to – how you say – just play tennis or something, to stay practising and stuff, you know it’s affecting you even if you are not part or with or something, but still it’s affecting a lot.

“You cannot act like nothing happen because it’s horrible. Like I was saying all the time, it’s crazy that so many just normal citizens suffering, dying. Is just not easy. It’s not easy that it’s happening in our time when we have all the mobile phones, internet, social media. There is kids, they just want to do TikTok. In the end happens at the same time these things. It’s tough to just understand.

“Of course it’s affecting. Doesn’t matter how you try to do other stuff. The only thing I hope that soon is going to be peace in every countries. Doesn’t matter where. I hope is going to be peace in our countries. I hope is going to be peace in other countries where is happening the wars now.

“It’s horrible in our time, this generation, can happen those things.”

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