Novak Djokovic eager to be a coach: “Knowledge is a curse if you don’t use it”

The world No 1 says he is already on a coaching path and explains how he would feel about coaching Daniil Medvedev

Novak Djokovic AO media 2020 Zuma / Panoramic

Following his win over Daniil Medvedev in the Rolex Paris Masters final on Sunday – a small piece of revenge for his loss to the Russian in the US Open final – world No 1 Novak Djokovic said that he can easily picture himself as a coach in the future.

Medvedev and Djokovic are on very good terms, having recently practiced together at the Patrick Mouratoglou Academy and have been full of praise for each other in public.

Speaking to Serbian media after the final, Djokovic was asked whether he could imagine himself coaching Medvedev when the Russian is in his 30s.

“If I were to be his coach, there would not be much work to do”, Djokovic said, with a laugh. “Just kidding. He is one of the best players in the world at the moment. If he stays healthy, I expect him to be at the top for years to come and to win
more slams. There is no doubt about that.”

“I want others to have information about my career, philosophy”

Djokovic said he would like to be a coach when he’s finished playing, because he wants others to benefit from his experience.

“Yes, I see myself as a coach in the future,” he said. “I truly love this sport. I do not love it only when I am winning; no, I love it when I am with my kids on the court, when I watch it live or on TV, and when I am trying to pass on my experience
and knowledge to the upcoming players at Novak Tennis Centre, to which I am very committed.

“Knowledge can be a curse if you do not use it, what is the point then? I mean, sure, I benefit from it, but what am I going to do with it afterwards – to take it with me to the grave, to say ’yes, I was the best’? No, I want others to have information about my career, my philosophy, approach, methodology of work etc.”

Djokovic emphasised that he is glad he is already on that path, while still playing actively.

“It is never too late, but it is never too early too,” he said. “For me, it is logical in life, to pass on everything I have learned and accomplished. I see myself in different roles in the future and I would be glad to develop myself as a coach as well“.

Djokovic and Medvedev Rolex Paris Masters 2021

Djokovic’s focus is still on playing, for now

For the time being, though, Djokovic’s main focus is on the court. The 34-year-old just won a record 37th Masters 1000 title. He will celebrate, but not for too long.

“I will celebrate with my loved ones. I have my wife and kids here, we are going to enjoy some cake, put on some music and celebrate a bit before moving on. As I have said numerous times, tennis is a sport in which you have to turn a
new leaf momentarily, to focus on the next challenge. There is not much to celebrate and to analyse the historic accomplishments. I leave that to others, although I am aware of them.

“I do not allow myself to relax too much. Well, that sounded silly, of course I do relax, it is important, but I do not want to celebrate too much. It is my choice to play tennis, I do not feel any pressure from anybody to keep on playing, but I enjoy support to keep going and it means the world to me.

Next stop for Djokovic is the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin, starting on 14th November, where he will try to win the title for the sixth time.

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