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Zverev edges Isner in tense tussle as Europe streak ahead

Team Europe are already moving towards victory as their winning streak continues

Alexander Zverev at the Laver Cup in 2021 Alexander Zverev at the Laver Cup in 2021 Picture Credit – Getty Images


ZVEREV (E) D. ISNER (W), 7-6(5), 6-7(6), 10-5

Alexander Zverev played his part as Team Europe continued to assert their dominance at the Laver Cup, beating Team World’s John Isner 7-6(5), 6-7(6), 10-5.

The pair had also faced each other on Friday in the first doubles match of the weekend, with Isner and partner Denis Shapovalov coming out on top then.

Immediately after that match, Zverev was caught on camera telling the World squad that was the “last point” they would win all weekend – visibly infuriating Isner as well as team captain John McEnroe.

It was the third singles match of the weekend so far that required a first-to-ten final-set decider.

The American had won their most recent Laver Cup singles encounter, again in a match that went to a third-set decider.

In the Laver Cup, each player competes in at least one singles match during the first two days – but no player can play singles more than twice during the three days.

Each match win on Saturday is worth two points, with tomorrow’s matches worth three points.

The first team to reach 13 points out of a total 24 points available wins the tournament. If the points are tied at 12-12 at the end of all matches, a decider is played on Sunday to confirm the champions.

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