‘Nobody questions other players’ injuries – only mine’ – Djokovic hits out at doubters

In part of his press conference, Djokovic told Serbian journalists that he would not be troubled by the doubters

Novak Djokovic, Australian Open 2023 Novak Djokovic, Australian Open 2023 | © AI / Reuters / Panoramic

Novak Djokovic took time in his press conference after beating Alex de Minaur to hit out at those who question the veracity of his injuries. Djokovic was asked to comment on reports in some media that his injury is less serious than he has said it is.

“I leave the doubting to those people – let them doubt,” he said in Serbian to his country’s media. “Only my injuries are questioned. When some other players are injured, then they are the victims, but when it is me, I am faking it. It is very interesting… I don’t feel that I need to prove anything to anyone.

“I have got the MRI, ultrasound and everything else, both from two years ago and now. Whether I will publish that in my documentary or on the social media, depends on how I feel. Maybe I will do I it, maybe I won’t.

“I am not really interested at this point what people are thinking and saying. It is fun, it is interesting to see how the narrative surrounding me continues, narrative that is different compared to other players that have been going through similar situation. But I am used to it, and it just gives me extra strength and motivation. So I thank them for that.”

Djokovic: The signs are good

The 35-year-old said that he had felt much better on court on Monday than he had on Saturday – but he still was not sure whether he would be heading to the practice courts on Tuesday.

“We just spoke about it, I don’t know, we are thinking whether we should continue with not practising on off-days,” he said. “The signs are good, but I won’t celebrate just yet. Let’s see how I will feel tomorrow.”

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