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‘They want to lock Novak up again’ – Djokovic’s brother speaks after court ruling

The Serbian’s brother has been speaking to the media

Djordje, Srdjan and Diana Djokovic attend a rally in support of Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic in front of the National Assembly in Belgrade, Serbia, January 8, 2022. || 217306_0004

Novak Djokovic’s brother Djordje says that the Australian federal government are intending to arrest the world No 1 – after a court ruling upheld his appeal against his visa cancellation.

Speaking to Serbian TV station Prva, he said that the entire family were suffering.

“Novak has shown that he is persistent and that he believes in his ideals. He won this fight for the whole world. The judge has made the right ruling based on facts, but we are receiving information that the minister is above the court.

“Novak is in a political whirlwind, the people in Australia are unhappy since they have been locked down basically since the pandemic started. It’s definitely politics. What we can do is to let this be known all over social media – they want to capture and lock up Novak again.

“That’s the last info, we are currently consulting with PRs about our next steps. He is at the moment with his lawyers in the room they were during the hearing, thinking about his options.”

Government lawyer Christopher Tran had said at the end of the court hearing that regardless of the judgement an individual minister was likely to be considering their options and whether they could order a deportation anyway as part of their executive powers.

Later reports have suggested that no further decision will be taken tonight (Monday).

Djordje Djokovic is the tournament director of the Serbia Open, held at the Novak Tennis Centre. He worked with his brother to run the ill-fated Adria Tour in 2020, during which several players came down with Covid-19, including the world No 1 and his wife.

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