“We can’t leave lower-ranked players behind anymore”, Patrick Mouratoglou writes

Patrick Mouratoglou calls for tennis to solve its leadership issues and come together in a unified front to help the lower-ranked players. They don't have any income at the moment, says the famous coach, and this injustice must stop.


No tournaments, no prize money. The lower-ranked professional players are in big danger, after coronavirus pandemic stopped the tennis life, and now the governing bodies of tennis must take care of them : here is the call that famous coach Patrick Mouratoglou wrote on Tuesday on his social media accounts.

“It’s time to think about those players and help them, first in the immediate future, then in the long-term. For this reason, I would love to see the ATP, the WTA, the ITF and the Grand Slams sit together (albeit virtually) to try and find a sustainable solution. Wa all rely on those governing bodies, who have the power to protect the professional tennis economy and hold social responsibility. I would love those institutions to say STOP. We can’t leave lower-ranked players behind anymore. This isn’t right. Tennis needs change. Let’s use this free time to start a discussion.”

No reaction yet, but it might be the beginning of a lot of talks to come.

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