What Auger-Aliassime needs to do next to win Grand Slams – by his coach

In the most recent edition of the exclusive Tennis Majors talk show, get an insight into what a top coach says it takes to succeed

Felix Auger-Aliassime Felix Auger-Aliassime at the Davis Cup (AI/Reuters/Panoramic)

Coach Frederic Fontag has given an exclusive insight into what he thinks Felix Auger-Aliassime needs to do to reach the next level – and win Grand Slams.

In the latest episode of Major Talk, he assured host Alize Lim that the Canadian will be filling in the blanks and stepping up to challenge for the biggest crowns.

“There are small details missing in every area,” he said, and went through some of the 22-year-old’s biggest qualities.

“He has a good head, I know his parents well and his educational background is very strong, very well done. And then as time goes by he acquired this will to work, whether it’s victory or defeat, difficult moment or good moment, he knows how to stay true to himself and keep his feet on the ground. He works, he tries, he’s interested in things. Really, he loves tennis.

“He’s a little bit too much of a perfectionist sometimes but he is erasing the negative sides of this perfectionism: the fact of being too demanding and too hard on himself.

“So he’s missing a lot of little things, a little bit of technical work, a clearer tactical identity, continue to improve physically, and above all continue to do what he is doing since he’s beaten all members of the Big Four now, he has to assume that he’s in the costume of who he wants to be.

“He has a lot going for him. He knows how to stay focused on the essentials and where he wants to go.”

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