Ben Rothenberg on Match Points: “Nadal flirting with a line between courageous and dangerous”

In the new episode of Match Points, Ben Rothenberg thinks that Rafael Nadal might be taking a few too many risks.

Rafael Nadal, Roland-Garros 2022 Rafael Nadal, Roland-Garros 2022 – © Federico Pestellini / Panoramic

Rafael Nadal‘s insistence on pushing his injured body through the rigours of competition to win a 14th Roland-Garros title was either very brave or very risky.

That’s the line taken by journalist Ben Rothenberg in the latest episode of our talk show Match Points.

Of course the Spaniard’s record-extending 22nd Grand Slam title was one of the main topics of discussion – as was the revelation of the severity of the pain his chronic foot condition had been causing him throughout.

“He’s flirting with a line between courageous and dangerous…He keeps pushing and pushing all the time,” said Rothenberg. “It’s a strange visual seeing Rafa after winning a very dominant final against Casper Ruud, 6-3, 6-3, 6-0, and then see the video of him going to the trophy shoot at the Eiffel Tower the next day and limping…It’s a strange contrast.

“We’re not seeing the full effect of this – we don’t know the full effect it’ll have on his life in the present and in the future longer term…It can be tough to watch sometimes, seeing him limping around.

“To him, the sacrifice is worth it. I asked him in the press conference, ‘What is it that’s pushing you?’ and he said, ‘What drives me is my passion for competing.’

“It’s his body, his choice.”

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