Nadal: “I can’t continue as I am – I played with my foot under anesthesia”

The new Roland-Garros champion made a shock revelation after his record-breaking win over Casper Ruud

Rafael Nadal, Roland-Garros 2022 Rafael Nadal, Roland-Garros 2022 © Federico Pestellini

Immediately after his record-breaking Roland-Garros triumph over Casper Ruud, Rafael Nadal revealed that he had been playing with some pretty heavy-duty medical treatment for his chronic foot pain, pronouncing the word “anesthesia” in his press conference on multiple occasions.

“It’s obvious that without pain, without suffering, you can’t win those great competitions, but it’s true that my daily life is now very difficult,” he admitted on France Television, that country’s main broadcaster of the French Open, in Spanish translated live in French. “There are good moments with wins and victories, but at home, with my foot, it’s very difficult. My team is helping me deal with the situation.

Tennis Majors relied on the audible Spanish to translate these new statements.

Back at the hotel I could barely walk any more, to be truthful

Rafael Nadal

“The most difficult moment here at Roland-Garros was after, I must say, the second round against (Corentin) Moutet. Back at the hotel I could barely walk any more, to be truthful. I’m lucky that my doctor could help me – no player gave so much work to this doctor in the past, obviously!

“I played with the foot numbed, blocking the nerves, just to be able to play.

“This victory is very important. I’m happy with playing tennis, I love competition, being in front of the public here, more even after the COVID period. These are incredible feelings, so we’ll see what we can do. We talked with different doctors, we have different options, we’ll try a treatment and see if it can increase my chance to continue, but as I am now it’s impossible.”

Nadal added in his press conference that he will try a treatment on two nerves allowing his foot to be under “anesthesia” on longer periods and not to have injections for every match. If this solution doesn’t work, he will have the option of a heavy surgery, that wouldn’t guarantee anything. The Australian Open and Roland-Garros winner will play Wimbledon this year if the first treatment works, but he won’t do anesthetics again for the Championships. The question of Roland-Garros 2022 eventually proving to be his final event is still open.

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6 responses to “Nadal: “I can’t continue as I am – I played with my foot under anesthesia”

  1. RAFA:
    STOP…Retire…Your health is more .important…You ARE Loved for more than your tennis…much more…your heart your love of your family friends fans then your contribution to the game of tennis…you have nothing to prove…you have great wisdom of life and sport…please RAFA we want to see you enjoying your life healthy and happy start a family be active with your children and us fans especially young fans thru Tennis or anything else…your a life model…your retirement will be a great example for all athletes and non athletes to have the wisdom to and have a chance to rehab and not cripple yourself down down the road… WE LOVE YOU RAFA YOU HAVE GIVEN US MORE THAN WE COULD EVER ASK…MUCH MORE…DANIEL.

  2. Will be very very sorry if Rafa retires, but his health is more important and his wife must worry about him. Help others in your Academy and I’m sure we will see winners that will receive your expertise. All good luck for the future. You will be sorely missed.

  3. I hate to think about tennis without Rafa, but I think he needs to really think about what he is doing long term to his foot. He is an awesome person, and player.

  4. He is so deserving of everything he has achieved. We will never see another one like him ever. I consider myself so fortunate to have witnessed his career.

  5. Rafa Nadal is absolutely the classiest athlete to come along in my lifetime. As a tennis player I appreciate what goes into staying in shape and relating to your opponents.

  6. I am sorry. Not picking on Nadal. But if he can play with such medication, every player should. Not fair at that level. My opinion. Thanks.

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