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FFT: Role, history, president, all you need to know about the FFT

The French Tennis Federation is the institution that manages all tennis in France. Here are all the information you need to know about the FFT.

Federation Française de Tennis - FFT Federation Française de Tennis – FFT

What does FFT mean?

FFT means French Tennis Federation.

Where is the FFT located?

The French Tennis Federation is located in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris.

The exact address of the FFT: 89 Rue Escudier, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

What’s its role?

The French Tennis Federation has several roles.

  • To promote, organise and develop tennis, paratennis, beach tennis and padel in France. The practice in clubs, teaching, training, individual and team competitions, and French championships.
  • To coordinate and support the clubs in France.
  • To ensure the representation of France through the involvement of French teams in international meetings (Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Olympic Games …).
  • Finally, the FFT must organise tennis tournaments in France, both amateur and professional. The main one being a Grand Slam tournament, Roland-Garros.


Court Philippe Chatrier - Roland-Garros

How long has it existed?

It was founded in 1888 with the Union of French Athletic Sports Societies (USFSA). It was then called the Lawn Tennis Club Commission. In 1920, the USFSA broke up and it became the French Lawn Tennis Federation. It is only in 1976, with the loss of the English term “Lawn” that the French Tennis Federation took its current name.

By who is the FFT directed?

The FFT is directed by its president, Bernard Giudicelli, born on February 20, 1958. Since February 18, 2017, he’s is the 14th president in the history of the FFT. 

The list of all the FFT presidents since 1920 : Henri Wallet, Albert Canet, Pierre Gillou, René Lacoste, Raymond Rodel, Pierre Gillou, Guy de Bazillac, Robert Soisbault, Roger Cirotteau, Marcel Bernard, Philippe Chatrier, Christian Bîmes, Jean Gachassin, and Bernard Giudicelli.

The ballot is in two parts. In the first phase, 196 delegates are elected at the general assembly of the clubs of each departmental committee and each league in the country. In the second phase, the 196 delegates vote to elect a program, of which the future president is the head of the list, along with 18 members of the executive committee and the 32 members of the superior council of tennis.


Bernard Giudicelli - Président de la FFT

What is the organisation chart of the FFT?

To achieve the goals of the French Tennis Federation, President Bernard Giudicelli is assisted by its Executive Committee, composed of 18 members :

  • General secretary: Alain Fischer
  • Treasurer general and in charge of human resources: Hughes Cavallin
  • Deputy Vice-President in charge of the attractiveness and digitalization of clubs: Dominique Agis-Garcin
  • Vice-President in charge of volunteerism and associative life: Martine Gérard
  • Vice-President in charge of tennis culture and sustainable development: Marie-Christine Peltre-Brochard
  • Vice-President in charge of the Roland-Garros brand and international competitions: Alain Moreau
  • Vice-President in charge of the national technical department: Olivier Halbout
  • Vice-President in charge of the national tennis, paratennis, and beach tennis competition: Patricia Froissart
  • Vice-President in charge of works, logistics and safety: François Jauffret
  • Vice-President in charge of francophonie: Daniel Chausse
  • In charge of overseas france: Marie-Thérèse Lefèvre
  • Federal Doctor, in charge of social diversity: Christian Forbin
  • In charge of the clubs and the padel: Hubert Picquier
  • In charge of social and solidarity actions: Jacqueline Motin
  • In charge of economic development: Lionel Maltese
  • In charge of the apprentice training centre: Emmanuelle Ducrot
  • Member of the Executive Committee: Stéphan Post

How is the FFT acting in the Covid-19 crisis?

The French Tennis Federation announced on Tuesday March 17, 2020, on a press release, the postponement of Roland-Garros. Initially scheduled from May 24 to June 7, the Grand Slam will finally take place from September 20 to October 4, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The current confinement measures have made it impossible for us to continue with the dates originally planned.

An announcement which was made without consultation with the other tennis institutions, the ATP, the WTA or the ITF. The French Tennis Federation has received critics from other Grand Slam tournaments but also from some players, who were very surprised to learn the news on social networks.  Isolated, the Federation, which organises the Roland Garros tournament, received the support of ATP President Andrea Gaudenzi, who said he “understands the decision of the Paris Grand Slam, which had to act urgently considering the current situation”.

This exceptional situation has also pushed the FFT to close all tennis clubs in France as well as its training centers, until further notice.

In a press release published on April 2, 2020, the French Tennis Federation announced the cancellation of several of its amateur sports events. It also decided to freeze the rankings of amateur competitors at the end of the sports season. 

Finally, on April 10, 2020, the French Tennis Federation voted on a support and recovery plan of 35 million euros for the French tennis. A plan for the clubs, teachers, players, officials and organisers of French international tournaments.

“In solidarity with and listening to all the players concerned, the French Tennis Federation will provide support adapted to the current situation and will be at their side for the resumption of sporting activity when the time comes”.

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