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The quotes of 2022, episode 13 – Nadal: “If you are not surprised to win 14 Roland-Garros, it is because you are super arrogant”

To end 2022, Tennis Majors offers you a review, in chronological order and in series format, on the striking, inspiring or funny quotes of the year. In the 13th episode, Nadal wins his 14th Roland-Garros title, which was also his 22nd Grand Slam title

Rafael Nadal with the 2022 Roland-Garros trophy Rafael Nadal with the 2022 Roland-Garros trophy Image Credit: JB Autissier / Panoramic

From hell to heaven, in three weeks. On May 12, against Denis Shapovalov in Rome, Rafael Nadal showed a face dejected as never before on court because of the resurgence of Müller-Weiss syndrome which affects his left foot. On June 5, the Spaniard won Roland-Garros. Once again.

I had never considered myself so good

Rafael Nadal

“”Well, for sure is a surprise,” he said. “If it doesn’t surprise you [to] win 14 Roland Garros or 22 Grand Slam, is because you are super arrogant. Honestly, no, I am not this kind of guy. I never even dream about achieving the things that I achieved. Honestly, no, I never considered myself that good.

“So I am just honestly keep going step by step, practice by practice, and always with a clear goal to improve something.

“That’s my mindset all during all my tennis career: go on court and every practice with the goal to improve something in my game. I don’t understand the sport any other way.

“With that philosophy probably and with a lot of help from a great team next to me and family and friends, everybody who support me and help me during all my tennis career have been important for me: all the coaches, all the people that have been next to me in some moments. I learned from every situation, and not only in a tennis world. I learned a lot in terms of life.”

And once on the court, he is often the one who hands out the lessons.

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