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‘Good sportsmanship, Cerundolo!’ Double-bounce drama gives Murray the point

Day one of the US Open and there’s already plenty of intrigue

Andy Murray August 15, 2022, Mason, Ohio, USA: Andy Murray (GBR) pumps his fist after winning a point during Monday’s first round of the Western and Southern Open at the Lindner Family Tennis Center, Mason, Oh. (Zuma/Panoramic)

The first-round US Open match between Francisco Cerundolo and Andy Murray wasn’t short of drama anyway – but in the tenth match of the first set, it became even more exciting.

In an intense rally, with Murray leading 15-0 on the Argentinian’s serve, Cerundolo was awarded the point – but the former world No 1 was adamant that the ball had bounced twice before Cerundolo had hit it.

The big-screen replay confirmed it – and on seeing it, Cerundolo immediately told the umpire to give the point to his opponent instead.

“In the interests of good sportsmanship, Mr Cerundolo has awarded the point to Mr Murray,” the umpire announced.

Murray raised his thumb to Cerundolo in thanks – and eventually took the first set 7-5.

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