Medvedev on losing world No 1 spot: “It’s not nice, but it’s motivation to do better.”

The Russian will be overtaken at the top after the US Open, with Rafael Nadal in pole position to return to No 1

Daniil Medvedev loses US Open 2022 Daniil Medvedev loses US Open 2022 – © Zuma / Panoramic

Daniil Medvedev says losing the world No 1 ranking – as well as seeing his hopes of winning a second US Open title – will be motivation to bounce back in 2023.

The Russian’s four-set defeat by Nick Kyrgios on Sunday night means his three-month spell at the top will come to an end after the US Open. Depending on what happens in the rest of the week, either Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz or Casper Ruud will replace him as No 1 and he could even drop further down.

For Medvedev, the pain of losing his US Open title was greater than losing the No 1 ranking, something he had forgotten until he was reminded of it by a journalist at the post-match press conference.

“I mean, now that you say it, I remember it,” he said. “So that’s not nice, because honestly, after such a match, when you lose in Grand Slam, look, I’m trying to look good here, but I’m disappointed. Not going to cry in the room, but I’m a little bit disappointed. For few days I’m going to be just a little bit sad, looking at my phone, my laptop or watching some series.

“It was not the first thing on my mind walking after the match, saying, Damn, will not be the world No 1 any more. I actually don’t know which place I will be. Probably 3, 4. I guess Carlos will pass me. I don’t know actually.

“But that’s motivation, try to do better. Obviously it was the last slam of the year. Didn’t do well enough. Didn’t win in Australia when I had the chance (he lost to Nadal in the final from two sets and a break up). Didn’t get the chance to play Wimbledon. Roland Garros, lost fourth round. Here fourth round. Yeah, should do better. Should get more points if I want to be world No 1 again.”

Medvedev said he had not felt 100 percent during the match, suffering from a throat ache but did not use it as an excuse because Nick beat me in Montreal (last month) and I was not sick.”

I’ve played Novak, Rafa. They all play amazing. Nick today plated kind of their level, in my opinion

Daniil Medvedev on Nick Kyrgios’ performance in their fourth-round match

Medvedev: “If he plays like this he has all the chances to win it”

The Russian said he had rarely seen Kyrgios play quite as well as he did throughout their four-set battle.

“It was a high-level match,” he said. “Played Novak, Rafa. They all play amazing. Nick today played kind of their level, in my opinion. He has a little bit different game because he’s not like a grinder in a way. At the same time he can rally.

“He’s tough to play. He has an amazing serve. But from baseline it’s not like when the point starts, you know that you have the advantage. He plays good. He has every shot.

“It was a really high-level match from him. If he plays like this ’til end of the tournament, he has all the chances to win it. But he’s going to get tough opponents, so it’s not sure.”

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