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UTS recap: Tsitsipas is back on top, but it’s Thiem that impresses the most

Check out results, standings highlights, best shots, upsets, and best moments after Ultimate Tennis Showdown Day 6.

Tsitsipas leads Ultimate Tennis Showdown after Day 6 Tsitsipas leads Ultimate Tennis Showdown after Day 6

The leader after UTS Day 6

Tsitsipas retakes the lead

A week after conceding his first UTS defeat against big rival Dominic Thiem and giving up his throne to Matteo Berrettini, Stefanos Tsitsipas is back at the top. The Greek God dazzled Alexei Popyrin three quarters to one on Sunday, after having completed a spectacular comeback win over Feliciano Lopez on Saturday. As for him, The Hammer conceded his second loss of UTS against an in-form Dominic Thiem. Tsitsipas is the only leader of the UTS ranking after Day 6, ahead of the Italian. Next Saturday, they will meet and we are looking forward to it.

Stefanos Tsitsipas won over Feliciano Lopez

The UTS Day 6 Thriller

Thiem’s comeback win over Berrettini

On Sunday against Matteo Berrettini, when Dominic Thiem lost the first quarter and had an 8-2 deficit in the second, things did not look bright for him. But the Austrian dug deep to seize the second quarter, notably using his cards to perfection. He went on displaying an amazing level of play to win the third quarter by a comfortable margin. In a nail-biting fourth quarter, Berrettini forced Thiem to play a deciding point coming back from 12-10 down to deuce. The Australian Open finalist prevailed in pure fashion with an absolutely stunning backhand crosscourt passing shot and secured a three-quarters-to-one triumph.

That is his third Top 10 win in a row. He won back to back to back against World No 6 Stefanos Tsitsipas, World No 10 David Goffin: beaten and World No 8 Matteo Berrettini. Impressive.

The UTS Day 6 outsider

Benchetrit “The Underdog” is back

Alternate for Dominic Thiem in the first weekend, Elliot Benchetrit was back on centre court on Sunday after Dustin Brown had to withdraw due to an ankle injury. The Frenchman made the most of the opportunity and eventually seized the opening quarter against World No 10, David Goffin. Thought the Belgian finally prevailed three quarters to one, Benchetrit showed he was not impressed to play against such players.

The UTS Day 6 point of the day 

Thiem’s magic

Absolutely incredible court coverage from Dominic Thiem, who concluded with a stunning forehand lob. What a way to score a three-pointer!

Play the rules

Moutet unconventional three-pointer

Down 10-6 in the third quarter, Corentin Moutet pulled out his “winners count 3” UTS card. He served and immediately followed to the net. The world No 75 delivered an exquisite retro volley that first got slowed by the net band and then touched the net after it first bounced. Despite Gasquet touching it before the second bounce, it was already considered as a winner. And Moutet scored three points!

The quote

“It is too late to apologize, it is too late…”

Asked by commentators to sing a song after he expressed his passion for Justin Timberlake, Stefanos Tsitsipas went on to sing a OneRepublic song in the middle of his match against Alexei Popyrin. Sound on.

The results

Day session

Gasquet wins ‘French Civil War’ to claim bragging rights over Moutet, 18-5, 14-15, 12-11, 17-8

Thiem continues fine form to stop Berrettini run, 11-14, 17-11, 18-13, 13-12

Goffin sinks stand-in Benchetrit 3-1 to keep UTS hopes alive, 14-16, 20-12, 14-10, 20-8

Night session

Ice conquers fire as cool Lopez overcomes volatile Paire, 15-17, 22-11, 9-7, 24-14

Singing Tsitsipas sees of Popyrin to extend lead in UTS standings, 17-12, 20-9, 19-8, 15-16

The ranking

(Match won-lost, quarters won-lost, point difference)

Ranking after UTS Day 6


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