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Exclusive: UTS2 champion Zverev still undecided about US Open

UTS2 champion Alexander Zverev says he still isn’t sure about whether or not he’ll play the 2020 US Open. He’s told Tennis Majors in this exclusive that he’s taking a wait-and-see approach.

August 3, 2020
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How did you feel about the final? 

“Yeah it was great. I didn’t realize that I won at the end of the match. It was just fun, being out there and having competition like this. Obviously winning it is great to me, at this time, when there’s no other tournaments, it’s great to have the victory.” 

Did you Forget the Rule? 

“For some reason I thought that you have to win with your own serve. So I was like okay, I won the point and now I have a match point and I’m going to serve. So I was thinking about where I have to serve, and they announced game, set and match and then I was quite happy.” 

What did you think of your levels this weekend? 

“It was good. I think the court was very fast compared to where we practiced in Monaco so we needed to adjust a little bit. But for the first tournament back after how many months it was great to just be out there playing.” 

Does it have the feel of a competition on the regular tour? 

“The competitiveness is the same. Obviously the rules are different but as I said:  it’s a fun format and it was just great to be out there.” 

The final was very close. How did you live it, what were the emotions like? 

“I was down two sets to one and I knew that I needed to win the fourth quarter somehow, and I did, and I played good tennis after that. And the deciding points, in sudden death, anything can happen.” 

What are your plans now? 

Going home. To Monaco, I’m going to rest tomorrow and I’m going to start practicing and preparing for what’s ahead. 

You mean that you intend to play in the United States? 

“We will see because the situation right now in the U.S. is not that great, so I don’t know what we will decide with my team. I want to play tournaments but I think that the US right now is a little bit of a funny place. 

And what will be the deciding factor? 

“I think just see how it develops over the next few weeks. If the cases go up. How the travelling will be, and if it will be safe.

So you might not go there if you don’t feel safe? 

“I might not go there if I don’t feel safe, if my team doesn’t feel safe. I’m still quite young but everybody that is involved with me, maybe is a little bit older and they’re in more danger than I am.”

It was hard on Grigor? 

“It was hard on Grigor and maybe if you get it then maybe you’re out for the rest of the season.” 

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